LAZER PULSE Electric Scooters Offer Powerful, Stylish and Safe Riding

The LAZER PULSE electric scooter from LAZER Electric Motorsports is a stunning new advance in commercial eScooters. This new eScooter has the largest motor currently available that is powered by the most advanced lithium/ion batteries. From the moment you step on to a LAZER PULSE, you will feel the amazing differences in power, responsiveness and comfort from conventional eScooters. With the LAZER PULSE, you will enjoy enough torque to conquer almost any hill and any on-road or off-road throughway.

This high tech eScooter utilizes the latest scientific breakthroughs to create an enjoyable riding experience. The motor is available with 250W, 500W or 1000W of power, and because it is electric, the LAZER PULSE can reach maximum speeds in record time. Unlike its competitors, the LAZER PULSE doesn’t sacrifice battery life for power; it can traverse more than 20 miles on a single charge. The rugged steel or aluminum frame provides incomparable comfort along with strength and lasting durability. It also features DOT certified lights, wireless LCD functionality, USB phone charging port and apps for remote security.

The LAZER PULSE promises to sweep aside its competitors and change the eScooter industry forever. You can be a part of this singular moment in history by supporting the Kickstarter campaign sponsored by LAZER Electric Motorsports. You can reserve your own LAZER PULSE or other valuable rewards like a battery upgrade, shipping for eScooters, or frame upgrade. To learn more about the LAZER PULSE electric scooter or to pre-order your own, please visit

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