Vessel of Steel – Reaching Your Highest Potential

Popular motivational speaker, coach and financial educator, Angela Underwood has released another life transforming motivational book titled “Vessel of Steel: Reaching Your Highest Potential”. The book which was released marched, 2016 has already graced online stores like Amazon.

The book was written to bring light and words of influence on people who live their everyday life trying to breakthrough. Thus revealing to them secrets that could gear up their everyday struggle, that if applied would certainly yield them productive results.

In the book, ‘Vessel of Steel’, Angela Underwood expressed that life is a journey of growth which requires a person to learn a lot from it. She endorses that one should not just live experiencing life, but also to learn from the experiences which life brings. She however, stresses that one must learn only what’s necessary about life and its experiences.

Lessons learnt from most keywords used in the book reveals that ‘Vessel of Steel’ being a depiction of a nature of life in which one chooses to continue moving forward and being better, not minding what life presents him/herself. In life there will always be odds to all even expectations, and it is these odds that adds to even to make life worthwhile. And one must learn to continue living, despite unspeakable and most disappointing circumstances.

The book opines to the fact that by becoming a ‘vessel of steel’, one will be able to stand strong against the odds life brings. Even when all expectations aren’t met, one can still stand strong, not break. The book gives credence to certain key of success in such situations such as persistence, dedication, and hard-work.  The book also has the opinion that one who live his/her life with these characteristics are most likely to be able to succeed and strengthen his/her vessel (life).

The book was solely written to help encourage and move people to a higher level in their life so that they may become all that they were created to be: knowing their purpose, knowing what it takes them to reach their goal, what they pour into their vessel (life), they can grow and accomplish their set goals. The book also reveals that striving to reach ones’ highest potential is the way out of becoming an empty vessel at last.

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About The Author

Angela Underwood is Founder and CEO of the FinGive – Financial Education Corporation and Co-Founder of Women Taking Action. She is the developer and facilitator of the popular “Building Your Financial Future” seminars and workshops. She has presented at a number of churches and conferences, and has equally graced many platforms with her message of empowerment and growth development. She holds a degree in Business Management from DePaul University and has also completed educational requirements for becoming a Certified Financial Planner. She has 28 years’ work experience with the financial industry. 

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