RayPCB.com Offering Now Flexible PCB Manufacturing Solutions for Disparate Industry Segments

RayPCB.com, a China based PCB prototyping and manufacturing company, recently began offering flexible PCB manufacturing solutions.

RayPCB.com, a printed circuit board manufacturer from China, recently started offering PCB manufacturing solutions for disparate industries. The owners said the flexible PCB, or flex PCB that they are offering now is a special pattern of printed circuitry that uses an elastic base material. The owners also added that the base material may come with or sans flexible cover.

According to the owners of RayPCB.com, the flexible assemblies can be fabricated and prototyped by using the same base materials used in rigid PCBs. However, they claimed that the PCB is allowed to take the desired form and shape during the application of the base materials.

When asked about the applications of the flexible PCBs, one of the sales managers told that the flex PCBs are widely used by electrical and technology product manufacturers and OEM suppliers. He also added that the flex PCBs that they manufacture can also be used now in high-end and sophisticated components.

“These days, flex PCBs are widely in use in portable electronics manufacturing industry, especially in manufacturing of hard disks for PCs, desktop printers and various other devices. We believe that the flexible PCBs that we are manufacturing can yield huge profits for us”, the sales manager expressed lofty hopes while commenting on the new offer from the flexible PCB manufacturer.

RayPCB.com, or Rayming Technology, now manufactures and supplies flex PCBs for diverse industry segments, including but not limited to consumer electronic manufacturing, communications, medical, automotive, aerospace engineering, and military equipment manufacturing.

Taking cue from the recent sales data, the sales manager commented before the press that their custom prototyped PCBs are now high in demand in the transport sector. “In transportation industry, flexible PCBs are much sought-after as they have higher resistance to movement and friction compared to the rigid PCBs. Our sales data shows that the flex PCBs are selling quite well and we expect the revenue figures go up in the next quarter of 2016”, added the sales manager while explaining the benefits of flex PCBs to a group of press correspondents here in Shenzhen, China during a press conference. He added that they are now offering free and no-obligation quotes to their clients.


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RayPCB.com or Rayming Technology is a China based flexible PCB manufacturing company.

For more information, visit http://www.raypcb.com/

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