iStart Valley announces 2016 Batch of the Accelerator Program

iStart Valley is excited to announce the 2016 batch of the Accelerator Program. The 2016 Startup teams were picked from leading national hackathons and Startup Weekend contests. After reviewing the top ideas in these contests, iStart Valley has offered seven startups an entry into the 2016 Accelerator program. During the nine month long Accelerator program, the selected startup teams will go through a rigorous idea validation phase and spend a significant amount of their time in customer validation.

“During the first six months of the iStart Valley’s Accelerator program, Startup teams will work on ideas, build market-ready products or prototypes with a well-defined marketing strategy.” Says MJ Charmani, Founder and Chair of iStart Valley.

He says further, “The last three months of the Accelerator program will aim at Startups presenting to iStart Valley’s growing Venture Capitalist and Super Angels network for seed round or “A” series funding. The key differentiator of the program is the pairing of startups with Venture Capitalists who share common interests and are the right fit based on their portfolio.”

Cloud Immense: Cloud Immense builds a heterogeneous cloud solution for scheduling computing and storage specific operations.

Potent: People bookmark every cool webpage or article they see, but seldom ever go back to read through them. Potent gives people a way to develop a better understanding of what they’ve read in the past, to lock in the concepts, and recall information more actively

RideSavvy: is an intuitive, all-in-one ride-sharing mobile application that takes the guesswork out of finding a ride.

Wheel Desk: creates affordable modern furniture, with an emphasis on incorporating dynamic movement.  Wheel Desk is focused on helping people prioritize their health and well-being without impinging on their lifestyle

123 App Studio: 123 App Studio 123 App Studio Builds professionally designed custom mobile Apps for small businesses.

Simmersion: is a modular desk chair mount that allows for easy integration and a more in-depth immersion within virtual reality environments.

SMPLFY: As a company, the goal of smplfy is to use technology to create solutions that alleviate and facilitate the lives of users every day. 


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About iStart Valley:

iStart Valley Inc., is an award winning, non-profit Business Accelerator for technology based startups. Our goal is to provide world class resources for aspiring entrepreneurs to turn their creative ideas into growing Tech Startups. We help redefine the startup ecosystem with the support of local and global resources by providing a viable pool of startups and entrepreneurs.

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