Artificial Intelligence And Relaxation: Relaxingpal Indiegogo Launch

Dublin, CA – On June 10, 2016, daVigor, Inc. launched an Indiegogo campaign for RelaxingPal, a game changing, intelligent eye-mask for sleep and relaxation. The company, daVigor, has been started by Krishna Yeddanapudi, an entrepreneur from Silicon Valley, California. Krishna has also assembled a highly competent team to develop RelaxingPal. Prior to daVigor, Inc., Krishna was the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) and main founder of Robin Systems. He established Robin’s product, for the first three years, from scratch. Now, the RelaxingPal team is looking to raise money through Indiegogo backers and fans.

RelaxingPal is a life-changing product for high-quality sleep and relaxation, and it encompasses all forms of relaxation, which include everything from nightly sleep, short naps, meditation, massage therapy, lucid dreaming, jet-lag relief, biorhythm adjustment, and self hypnosis, to power naps before customer meetings, interviews, and important events. RelaxingPal also includes affirmations for personal development. Moreover, it can travel anywhere! It will work at home, in a hotel, in an airplane, in an airport, in a massage parlor, in an office, and on a park bench, to name only a few places.

Further, RelaxingPal is valuable in a variety of ways. Undeniably, we all feel drained of energy at some point during our busy day, and oftentimes we can’t spend too much of our valuable time trying to relax. Luckily, RelaxingPal can help you relax quickly, when, for instance, you are getting ready for an interview and wish for an overall boost in order to seem bursting with energy and attentiveness during your interview. It can also relieve you when you are back at home from work. RelaxingPal also has numerous other advantages, such as helping you to be active while spending quality time with your family, partner, or friends, as well as helping you to focus while you are meditating, or helping you to speedily recover from jetlag, and those are only some of its functions.

The beauty of RelaxingPal is that it integrates technologies that are already known. Its technology is currently being used in various other ways, and it is highly safe. Such technologies, like neurofeedback, brainwave entrainment, and binaural tones have been used for many years. Fortunately, today, we have a huge amount of research data available, as we get to know the human brain better, and how it works, so we can fashion devices that compliment what we know about it.

RelaxingPal comes in a variety of colors. Its users can also order custom, artwork-based designs. Finally, the RelaxingPal device comes with a free, user-friendly, mobile app (application). The money raised during this campaign will go towards expenses like certification, hardware manufacturing, fine tuning, testing, and shipping.

In exchange for pledging to this project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards, which include an early bird, RelaxingPal special for just for $149. For more information, please visit the Indiegogo page here or contact the team below.

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