Producer David Wenzel Announces The Release of the Film “Preying For Mercy” On Amazon/Amazon Prime Directed by Hollywood Legend Bill Duke

NEW YORK CITY, NY – 6/27/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Film Preying For Mercy released on Amazon/Amazon Prime

Producer David Wenzel Announces The Release of the Film “Preying For Mercy” On Amazon/Amazon Prime Directed by Hollywood Legend Bill Duke

“Preying For Mercy” On Amazon/Amazon Prime Directed by Hollywood Legend Bill Duke and Starring 3 Time Emmy Winner Martha Byrne is now Available on Amazon & Amazon Prime. Go to Amazon and watch the film today!!!!

  Producers: David Wenzel & John Rigores

  Directed: Bill Duke

  Written: By Bill Duke, Jayson Gladstone & Art Hall

  Starring: 3 Time Emmy Winner Martha Byrne

About Bill Duke:

William Henry “Bill” Duke, Jr. is an American actor and film director. Known for his physically imposing frame, Duke’s work frequently dwells within the action film genre as well as crime and drama genres but also includes comedy.

Directing career
He began directing theatrical films in the 1990s with crime dramas A Rage in Harlem(1991), Deep Cover(1992) and Hoodlum(1997). He also directed Sister Act 2(1993), starring Whoppi Goldberg. Duke continues to act and direct for both the small and silver screens. He is also a mento for young African Americans aspiring to work in the performance arts.

Duke had a starring role in a series from 1980 to 1981 called Palmerstown USA, that was produced by Norman Learand. Although the series was critically acclaimed and won an Emmy, it ran for 17 episodes.

Duke was cast as recurring character Capt. Parish in the action television series/crime drama Fastlane Grover Boone, a corrupt politician, in the 2008 episode “Street Money”.

Duke voiced a detective in the episode “Thank You for Not Snitching” of the animated television series The Boondocks The character and his entire scene were references to Menace II Society.

Duke also appears in Busta Rymes music video “Dangerous”.

Preying For Mercy:
  Frank Gates is an LAPD cop with a rocky past and a dark secret. He restarted his life thinking he was finally safe, but the past is never far behind. Now with danger coming fast he is forced to protect his family at any cost.

“Preying for Mercy,” Los Angeles Police Detective Frank Gates is a hard working cop, a loving father and husband and an all around good man. But beneath his gleaming veneer of happiness and stability lays a buried past wrought with secrets and violence.

After letting a bust go bad in New York, he fled for his life and changed his identity. Nearly 15 years later, his past has caught up with him, and the truths he worked so hard to hide are surfacing.

As he contends with an efficient and ruthless hit man sent after his family, Gates enlists the aid of his partners to put a stop to the on-coming assault. As the hit man zeros in and Gates is running out of time, he makes the only move he has left–to go on the run again, this time to secure the one secret he has left that could turn the tables around and turn him from the hunted to the hunter.

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The film was structured to an hour format and positioned to be developed into a series, Wenzel said. “That’s why the ending is open-ended.”

It is being shown on new media rather than in theaters because of the high cost of “going market to market, theater to theater,” he said. “That’s not economical on this kind of independent-style film…. We bring it directly to market.”

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