Skyroku Digital Scale: Luxury Representative in the Kitchen

For baking lover or a kitchen novice, a digital scale is a game changer in the kitchen. (It is critical for cooking and baking recipes, where measuring ingredients by weight is the only way to guarantee accuracy and taste). For those green hands who want to show cooking skill by means of digital scale, Skyroku scale becomes their favorite immediately with no doubt.




Customers prefer digital displays with sharp color contrast, a backlight option, big digits, and large screens. Skyroku digital scale truly excelled in these.

Normal digital scale takes up little spaces, but when consumer needs big container for weighing, the container would cast a shadow over, or completely blocked, the screen. While for the Skyroku digital scale, such things will not happen. The included container is a transparent one, yet the viewing screen is slightly below the countertop, so you can always get the favorable visual angle for reading. 


According to my experience in using the scale for over half a year, when normal electronic scales weigh things under 5 grams, we always get incorrect result with error between 1 and 2 grams. Particularly when add the weight little by little, normal digital scale would directly output a “zero” on the screen. However, when something (such as salt or sugar) is added to Skyroku digital scale, the above situation won’t happen. Even for increments of a subtle weight, the reading would grow as the weight increases. Thus it can be seen that Skyroku digital scale is accurate enough for high precision.

COUNTING FUNCTION – This function is great for people who have to count medications, or similar items that take a tedious amount of time to count. Place the items on the scale and let it do the work for you. Gone are the days of second guessing yourself, or losing count and having to start over!



Generally speaking, for this type of scale, its cost performance can reach the score of 4.5 (based on total 5 score). In other words, it’s worth buying.


1. Nice design with fashion style

2. Waterproof, (unless you immerse the screen into water…),fingerprint resisting

4. Big countertop for placing large container.

5. It has comparatively accurate weighing result with six units of measurement (g, cl, gn, oz, ozt, dwt), which can save a measuring cup at least.

6. It has counting function with novel design, which is a big surprise absolutely and can be given awarded marks!

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