Dragon Howling China Singing Chengdu, Night Culture of Ancient Town in Huanglongxi – “Dragon Boat” Grandly Setting Sailing

In the evening of June 25, Dragon Howling Chinabig party for theme activity launch ceremony regarding Huanglongxi hosted by Cultural Tourism and Radio and Press and Publication Bureau of Shuangliu District, Chengdu and jointly organized by Shuangliu Cultural Tourism and Management Committee and Huanglongxi Ancient Spot Management Bureau was grandly held in museum of Huanglongxi ancient town scenic spot.

Theme activity launch ceremony of Dragon Howling China officially opened integrated arts cultural and entertainment activity and started tourism culture brand night activity in Huanglongxi. Relevant leaders of people’s government in Suangliu, Chengdu presented the opening ceremony of this activity on site. In the evening party, unique humanity and art and landscape of Huanglongxi and cultural connotation of Huanglongxi ancient town of “Appreciating Water in Huanglong·Valley Connecting Ancient Shu” were shown thoroughly, with about 2-hour performance! It covered various programs, including song and dance, music scene, ballad and collective singing, dance in Spring Festival Gala and Chuan-style talk show and exclusive special performance for Huanglongxi was tailored created.

Student Su Qifan in Yang Kun group of The Voice of China and Tibetan singer of new generation Caina Wangmu gave perfect performance and host was humorous Sichuan laugh-making star Dingdang. The scene was filled with high-spirited audience! Some local intangible heritage and folkloric elements of Huanglongxi are skillfully arranged into modern dance program, such as working song on Chuanjiang, fiery dragon, barcarolla, showing local culture, which wins warm welcome by audience! The party perfectly ended with the angelic voices of super girl!


     Conclusion of evening party of Dragon Howling China also marked the beginning of tourist culture night board in Huanglongxi! According to the introduction made by deputy director – Yang Bo of Huanglongxi Ancient Town Scenic Spot Management Bureau, a series of recreational activities would be played in Huanglongxi every weekend and “Huanglongxi’s night” would comprehensively offer excellent program, beautiful scenery and delicious food for tourists and people could enjoy themselves so much in performance, night scene, drinking in bar, taking boat, eating barbecue, listening boat song and setting lanterns and even forget to go home.

    Deputy Director Yang told journalist that Huanglongxi ancient town would make full effort to actively plan and implement various measures to optimize travel pattern in scenic spot, improve popularity of tourism for this ancient town and drive its tourism economy. Faced with tourism demand for theme activities in Huanglongxi ancient town currently, it becomes more and more difficult to attract tourists by using traditional scenic tourism. Opening of normal pattern of theme activity in Huanglongxi ancient town is to attract tourists with characteristics of night culture of Huanglongxi and to provide more comprehensive, wonderful and interactive traveling experience for customers, in order to improve attractiveness and competitiveness for tourism culture brand of Huanglongxi and create competitive route for travelling in Huanglongxi ancient town with characteristics.

     “Where is the nicest night scene in Chengdu? It is in Huanglongxi, an ancient town with thousand-year history”! A netizen sighed several years ago after having a night traveling in Huanglongxi. It was issued by Microblog in the form of picture and text and became a hot topic on internet one time. A casual Microblog of this netizen made night beauty of Huanglongxi become the focus again and the charm of night in Huanglongxi attracted attention of more people.  As an ancient town with 2100-year history and highest popularity among scenic spots in Chengdu, Huanglongxi is the sole famous historical and cultural town in Tianfu New District, only 18 kilometers away from Tianfu New District CBD, located in half-hour economic circle in main urban area of Chengdu. High-quality natural ecological resources in Huanglongxi completely showed ancient natural ecological scene of the land of abundance. Compared with noise and prosperity in old scenic spot of the first stage, the second-stage “Shanghequ countryside water village” which officially opened at the end of 2014 is more peaceful and elegant.


       Architectural style of the overall second-stage project perfectly reproduces the booming scene of ferry with shuttling ships and warship of ancient town in the past. Its design was inspired by essence of Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival and it showed the ease and leisure of “half of street and half of water, slow life mixed with water and song”. Architectures of “Shanghequ countryside water village” totally cover 41453.2 m2, equipped with comprehensive supporting service of commercial activities, including boutique club, book bar, coffee and tea art, boutique inn (hotel) and saloon. Besides, EAF international direct purchasing and bonded center of the second-stage of Huanglongxi ancient town that was completed on January 5 of this year makes this millennium town connect with the world and further improve the core competiveness for Huanglongxi attracting tourists.


       When you are rambling in this millennium town with antique beauty and style, you can come to EAF to buy more than 2000 quality goods and direct purchase commodities from over 20 countries worldwide. The price is more reasonable and you don’t need to worry about buying fake! Moreover, culture and art studio of Moldova national pavilion displays artworks from all over the world and collects a large number of art treasures containing traditional Chinese culture. You will be indulged in and forget to go home!

      World’s Huanglongxi, I will see you there!




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