Cuppa Gets Even Healthier Now with JoyAmaze’s Latest Functional Coffee Line

Leading functional beverage company JoyAmaze has recently launched its new series of Functional Coffee that delivers extra health benefits with natural adaptogens blended with premium Arabica coffee

Beverly Hills, June 27th, 2016: There is something healthy brewing in the cuppa world lately – leading functional beverage company JoyAmaze has recently launched its new series of Functional Coffee which speaks of extra health benefits with every cup, beyond quenching the thirst & waking one up. Featured under the slogan “Coffee with Benefits,” the new sugar & gluten free line introduces premium Arabica coffee blended with all-natural adaptogens.

JoyAmaze Announces Launch of Functional Coffee Line

“We are excited to announce the launch of our latest Functional Coffee – the coffee with benefits. For all the coffee lovers out there, we have blended top-notch Arabica coffee along with a grand ensemble of time-tested herbs, tuned with care to the discerning tastes of our coffee connoisseurs. We deliver amazing health benefits with your daily cuppa, available just nowhere else. And yes, our coffees are delicious too and get ready in under 10 seconds,” smiled a spokesperson from JoyAmaze while announcing the launch of their new Functional Coffee.

A name of repute across the beverage sector, JoyAmaze is especially known for its nutritional & functional products, backed by exceptional value. Apart from coffee, the brand also offers luxe beauty mocktail HAN MARÉN for glam camera-ready skin and low-cal, nutrient-rich meal replacement NUTRITIOUS MEAL.

“We know that customers put their trust on us when they drink our beverages. We don’t take your confidence lightly. That’s why Quality Assurance has always been the company’s top priority,” said Syinz, Quality Assurance manager of JoyAmaze.

Natural herbs and adaptogens give extra health benefits

Speaking further, the official stressed on the presence of natural adaptogens that impart additional health benefits in the Functional Coffee. These medicinal herbs enable the body to effectively adapt to and deal with stress, caused by anything – whether it is rigorous exercise, environmental irritants or minor ailments such as the common cold. All the herbs in the Functional Coffee are trusted for ages and very carefully selected for their great functional benefits, including increased energy, enhanced mental focus, relaxing tranquility etc. Known as “little miracles of nature” these herbs have been widely used across the globe.

7 Flavors of Functional Coffee

Until now, the Functional Coffee line has come up with 7 different flavors of Arabica coffee infused with distinct beneficial herbs.

JoyAmaze Energy Coffee comes with Asian ginseng & guarana to kick-start your day with high energy. Prémune Coffee is all about revitalizing herbs Cordyceps& shiitake while Vitamin Coffee Lambada blend is enriched with Vitamins A, C, D, E and B complex.

Siim Coffee Fantasia Blend is a bold take on coffee with its brave fusion of green coffee, green tea and aromatic roasted coffee beans. This rhapsodic fusion thrills every inch of your being into action. On the other hand the Echinacea Coffee Aubade Blend speaks of revived mind, spirit and body with traditionally renowned Echinacea purpurea that boosts the body’s natural resilient power. Gingko Coffee Vivo Blend houses brain-performance enhancing, therapeutic herb Ginkgo biloba. JoyAmaze has also brought in the 1st ever St. John’s wort instilled coffee with its St. John’s Coffee in the new Functional Coffee line.

“I believe JoyAmaze has something to offer to people from all walks of life with our wide selection of functional beverages”, added JoyAmaze nutritionist Rebecca.


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