Airwheel C5 cool street bike intelligent helmets fuels traveller experience

C5 cool street bike helmet joins the big team of Airwheel as the brand new product line and shows unique scientific and technical value. Airwheel helmet is all at the services of exercise enthusiasts with abundant functions. Through sincere communication with the wide users, Airwheel welcomes the feedback.

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After manufacturing so many intelligent vehicles with various postures, Airwheel starts to get down to outdoor equipment. Since most loyal fans of Airwheel brand are mostly outdoor activity enthusiasts, Airwheel insists that Airwheel helmet, a safe and intelligent product, is a right choice and Airwheel takes developing intelligent helmet as its obligation.

 smart helmet

Simply to say, C5 smart helmet is a multi-functional, scientific and technical riding helmet that gathers the practical uses of high-definition camera, Bluetooth play, intelligent monitor etc. and is also adaptable in Extreme sports activities such as rock climbing, skiing and parkour. Given that the inconvenience of traditional helmets, DV and SRL etc., Airwheel developed this helmet. Airwheel aims to do a great favor for those who love outdoor exercises.

intelligent helmet

High definition shooting with 2k resolution ratio is an important function for C5 intelligent helmet. You may feel not satisfied and look forward to having more considerate services when traditional helmets just can protect your head. Photographing is the recording and sharing for the frames reflected in sports and this is a very normal way. Airwheel allocates high definition camera, flexible sensor and powerful host system on the traditional helmet and then sports photographing will never be a hard thing. C5 brings great convenience for head care, video or pictures taking.

Are you thirsty for more passion? C5 helmet for Extreme sports will give you by playing sports music through the inside Bluetooth baffle box and high quality speaker. Call button and concealed Bluetooth earphones makes C5 to be available for one key to answer the calls. It also upgrades the material and ventilating system. With the PC shell, same level of Nokia, EPS lining and the weight of 480kg, C5’s helmet heads up display possesses the extreme toughness. The top air vent adopts streamlined design and the several exhaust air in tail facilitate to heat dissipation. 

Obviously, Airwheel C5 adds lots of fun into your travelling and fuel passion for you.

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