Twitter Multiple Account Manager, Twicial, Provides Solution For Maximum Social Media Campaign Results

Businesses are turning social, as consumers are now social. The social media eruption in this present decade has changed the way things are done, the dynamics of branding and customer service. Effective use of the social media can help drive up sales, promote business brands, and get customers engaged.

Twicial, an extended social platform announces its services in helping businesses and individual manage multiple twitter accounts to grow their brand image, increase sales, keep followers engaged, analyse strategy performance and grow their social media network and impact. Twicial can be used to manage posts, manage multiple accounts from a centralized view and receive unique strategies for getting great results from their twitter accounts.

Twicial is simply a solution for your twitter strategy. It is your Twitter Pro and buddy. Twicial helps you get the result you need in your Twitter advertising or marketing campaigns. We are always thrilled each time we get feedbacks from Twicial users who are happy with the solution we have provided them with”  Says John Rogers

He says further, “Twicial helps you search tweets and accounts with many detailed parameters, such as location, gender, activity degree, follow/following counts and so much more. You can use our custom provided strategies to make the best from your multiple twitter account. What if you can analyse your account or other user’s traffic details, activity reports, and so much more? We simply want to help you get the best from  all your twitter accounts.

Twicial Is used to track, analyse and grow twitter accounts. Twicial is an extended social platform,including many complimentary features for twitter accounts, scheduling posts, finding out who doesn’t follow you and detailed search functionality. This way Twicial provides an efficient account management, which is very important for mobile marketing strategies

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Telemedia Digital Strategies develops real time digital strategies to support various platforms to extend an organizations accessibility and audience. Telemedia designs and implements fully integrated social media interaction and engagement plans for the companies.

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