Threads Snap Socks is the Solution to the Single Sock Dilemma and the Burgeoning Environmental Crisis

Almost everyone has experienced the loss of one sock, leaving you with a useless half of a pair.  The response is almost always to dump the solitary sock in the trash, but that is contributing to an environmental crisis.  By 2019, almost 35 billion pounds of textile waste will be in our landfills.  Threads Snap Socks is the innovative solution to both problems. This fashionable and high quality footwear has snap buttons that attach the pair securely through washing, drying, and storage. 

Manufactured from 80 percent cotton, 19 percent nylon and one percent spandex, Threads Snap Socks are built to provide lasting comfort which also helps diminish the burden on our overloaded landfills. Threads Snap Socks also comes in a wide variety of designs and colors, so almost any fashion conscious adult or child can be satisfied.

Threads Snap Socks also uses an original trade in system which helps recycle old footwear and reduce the load on the environment.  After sending you a pack pf various socks, you can return your single socks to Threads Snap Socks using an including shipping label.

Threads Snap Socks is a bold new concept but it is still in its infancy.  You can help make this concept a commercial success by contributing to its Kickstarter campaign.  Threads Snap Socks has set a campaign goal of $30,000 which will help secure production, design and marketing.  Financial supporters will receive a variety of perks including various Threads Snap Socks packs, T-shirts, newsletters and photo posts on the Threads Snap Socks website.  To learn more about Threads Snap Socks or to make a financial contribution, please visit

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