SysTools Joins Hands with CCCI Noida to Provide Digital Forensics Training for Investigative Officers

In Conjunction with CCCI Noida, SysTools Conducted Technical Awareness Session for the Cyber Crime Investigation Team under Noida SP Circle. Detailed discussion over the topics like how to Collect, Preserve and Manage Digital Evidence was carried out by SysTools CEO Anuraag Kumar Singh.

28th June 2016, Centre For Cyber Crime Investigation, Noida: After the proud association with CBI, New Delhi, Delhi Police Cyber Wing, Maharashtra Police Special Investigation Team for Cyber Crime Investigation; SysTools joins hands with Noida Police Centre for Cyber Crime Investigation (CCCI) to provide Cyber Security and Digital Forensics Training for Investigative Officers. SysTools is taking up a new responsibility of conducting technical training and awareness workshops for Police officers to ensure No Cyber Crime Should Be Left Unattended Due To Lack of Technical Expertise.

On behalf of SysTools, the first session was lectured by Mr. Anuraag Singh, Director, CEO, & Co-Founder of SysTools Software Pvt. Ltd. The technical session was attended by most of the DCPs’, Chief Investigation Officers and other Police Officials under Noida SP Office Circle.  

NOIDA CCCI CYBER LAB is one of its kind in INDIA. Setting the first full-fledged CYBER LAB in India, was the dream vision put forth by honorable Noida City SP Mr. Dinesh Yadav, who believes in making things happen than just aspiring for it. With the opening of CCCI cyber unit, countless doors of opportunity in tackling a cybercrime have opened for the cybercrime investigation team of the UP state. But, what holds them back is the lack of technical awareness about Incident Response, Chain of Custody and the question of Where, What, How and When of evidence collection and preservation from digital devices gathered from crime scenes.

The focus of the session was to simplify the Digital Forensics Technology for the novice investigators. The message of “DIGITAL FORENSICS IS NOT A ROCKET SCIENCE” was successfully imparted among the officers, who showed much interest in knowing more about the methodology and tips of preserving digital evidence. Anuraag Singh, with his inborn talent of simplifying technical concepts, made the session a much interactive and enthusiastic one.

Extracts from the presentation shares many crucial facts and points about how a typical digital investigation should be conducted. Starting from the thorough study about the crime scene to submitting the final report to the jury, the presentation covers it all. The Topics covered with brief discussions were:

  • Scope of Digital Forensics Science
  • Cyber Facts
  • Digital Forensics Process
  • Different Types of Digital Evidence
  • Branches of Digital Forensics
  • Report Submission
  • Case Studies


Quoting the words of SysTools Director, “It was a wonderful experience to have the high profiled audience to listen about your experience and expertise in the digital industry. Joining hands with CCCI, gives immense feel of proud to our team as through this association we are contributing our share in building a safe cyber space in our country. My 15 years of industry experience says that, no technology is impossible, because the word IMPOSSIBLE itself comes with the quote that I’M POSSIBLE. It’s only focused plan and correct understanding about technology that is going to help investigators in resolving any cybercrime.  The goodness of our Computer Technology is that “Whenever a NEW CRIME is created there begins the scope of NEW RESOLUTIONS also.” Over the years, we were working on this theory and that’s why we are called as
THE DATA PEOPLE”. The support and guidance of Noida SP Dinesh Yadav Sir is commendable and he deserves a special note of appreciation for his unending passion and dedication in making our Police Department a true Tech-Geeks. I wish CCCI team all the best and promise our support and assistance at any point of time in dealing with any cybercrime and its investigation.

Queries about the authenticity of using Open Source Investigative Tools were also discussed in the session. For which, Dinesh Sir was quoted as replying that, “ It is necessary to take care that we are using only genuine licensed version of tools that is globally accepted for various aspects of cybercrime investigation. Whereas, there are certain tools that comes free of cost and is available for free download online also, which is accepted by the law community for the qualities they acquire. Thus, it is up to the investigator to take a strict note about the credibility of the tool that they use. One must ensure that it will not hamper integrity of the digital evidence as well as is court acceptable.”

Anuraag Singh shared his expertise about various branches of Digital Forensics that include, Computer Forensics, Mobile Forensics, Network Forensics, Database Forensics, Live Forensics and various methodology of data collection and preservation. The signature email investigation tool from SysTools, MailXaminer captured much of the investigator’s interest as it comes with the provision to accomplish email forensics of messages obtained from the sources like disk, cloud storage and web based applications.

UFED for MOBILE Forensics: Detailed analysis of the file extraction methods by UFED also was one high point of session. Cellebrite Mobile forensics lobby launched UFED as the standalone mobile forensics extraction device and it is considered as the quickest data acquisition tool that helps for data acquisition form over 8000 mobile devices and GPS Units, and other mobile platforms. SysTools is actively into providing Mobile Forensics Services via UFED and CCCI is also utilizing its services to generate full forensics reports from captured mobile devices.

Session discussed some real time case studies from the Crime Investigation History of SysTools Digital Forensics team, which showcased the possibilities of ADMISSIBILITY & DEFENSIBILITY of any taken digital evidence. The most sensational Case study of Kangana Ranaut & Hrithik Roshan’s legal battle and how Cyber evidence helped in proving who is wrong and right gave insight about how important is data preservation in any said case.

Anuraag Singh, concluded the technical session at CCCI center with the statement that, “Pornography & Child Abuse, Cyber Terrorism & Sexual Harassments, Identity Theft & Credit Frauds, Cyber Bullying & Cyber Stalking etc. are all increasing day by day with rapid rate, thus Cybercrime could have devastating impacts on national security and if not addressed immediately with extreme care and attention, this can hamper the socio-economic development of Indian states. SysTools is under the mission to provide all those possible technical assistance to the police force of our country in fighting against CYBER Crimes and we welcome any suggestion for development of technology to simplify digital forensic investigations.”

After the successful association with CCCI Noida, SysTools is committed to serve various Security Forces in India with their expertise in simplifying technology and their next milestone is technical association with STF (Special Task Police) UP Police.

About Company: SysTools is the data recovery industry endeavor. Extending their association with law Enforcement agencies both national and international level showcase their high points with certified Trainers to Discuss Top eDiscovery Trends and expertise in Cloud Backup and Email Litigation Services. Through the training program conducted to CCCI Noida team, key solutions for early case assessment and execution, data recovery and forensics investigations has been showcased.

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