Riding intelligent electric scooter Airwheel S8 is the best choice to go out for fun in summer

It is getting hotter in summer. Exposed in the sunlight, most of the females are fear of being black. Staying at home is really a good choice for avoiding sunstroke but suitable outdoor riding is also possible. The sit and stand multiple riding posture intelligent electric scooter Airwheel S8 can be the best option when you choose to go out for fun.

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There must be some guys who want to stay out for fun but worries the strong sunlight. To save energy, riding an intelligent self-balancing scooter will be an ideal way. In recent days, Airwheel S8 double-wheels electric scooter arouses wide interest with its balanced performance, delicate detail design and the two-mode riding postures. Scrolling in a park by riding S8 and holding a sun parasol, you will feel very cool, even if it is hot summer season.

S8 sitting-posture electric scooter

Then, what makes S8 intelligent power scooter different from other intelligent vehicles? Or why we should choose it instead of others? First thing first, the sit and stand mode riding postures play a key role. Easy to learn, S8 sitting-posture electric scooter can liberate hands of riders so that riders can hold parasol to against sunlight when they are sitting to ride.

electric walkcar

After satisfying the daily commute, we also need to have a look at its other components. Tires shall be the concern especially facing with uneven road conditions. Airwheel S8 double-wheeled electric scooter adopts 10-inch explosion proof pneumatic tires with the better performance of shock of absorption and the breadth of its tires is being widened. So the trafficability characteristic of S8 electric walkcar is definitely top level and ensures steady riding for riders no matter it is moving in normal streets or rough footpaths.

Matching up with other traditional transporting vehicles shall be another concern. For example, you need to ride S8 to buy some life necessities to nearest supermarket. From your home to bus station, you ride S8 intelligent power scooter; from bus station to supermarket, you need to take bus with carrying S8. Light in weight and small in size, S8 electric scooter is a portable carry-on vehicle and can be easily be lifted and kept into car trunk or traditional transporting vehicles.

Combing all the performance above, Airwheel S8 is your ideal transporting vehicle for daily commute.

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