Airwheel C5 color smart helmets double safeguards user riding

Nowadays, more and more people ride their own vehicles in daily commuting, especially in current situation with serious traffic congestion. As a matter of fact, riding security also becomes a big issue. Airwheel C5 cool street bike may become one of the most powerful security guarantees for you.

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Urban crowded road conditions has troubled us for a long time and this also urges someone to choose more environmental, green and flexible vehicles to meet up with daily commuting demand. As we know, such riding won’t be faster than automobile but the security issue is still a big issue. For riders, the most indispensable equipment should be the helmet. Airwheel C5 shows up and wins attraction.

C5 custom intelligent helmet

A stand arms for head

In order to better protect head from collision, Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet is very strict in selecting materials. The main materials can be divided into three sections: the shell adopts the high strength polycarbonate; the mediate filled layer chooses the EPS with excellent ability of shock absorption; the lining is the quick-dry and breathable fabric. Anyway, it wears comfortable. 

Hands free

In the past, we must think photographing during riding is impossible. But for now, it is possible by C5 custom intelligent helmet. The high definition sports camera located in the front of C5 street sport helmet can take videos easily during riding. Besides, it supports to storage a maximum of 128G and the 2000mAh battery is capable of maintaining almost three hours’ shooting.

Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet

One key to answer phone calls

In normal cases, we see most people need to answer calls after stopping to ride and this is also out of security. By wearing C5 Bluetooth smart helmets, riders can talk with the other in the line only by pushing the answer button on the helmet. Please notice: riders who wear C5 color intelligent helmet do not need to stop riding when a phone call comes. This is one of the most amazing parts for the custom motorcycle helmet.

Facing with each little trouble and security problems during riding, it is time to supply you a C5 intelligent helmet. Sure, we should strictly observe traffic rules for thoroughly safeguarding the riding each day except wearing helmet.

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