K3vin Envoy Releases New Album “Skin Deep”

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – 6/28/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Summer is here with a myriad of festivals, concerts and barbecues.  Music plays an important part in entertainment and events, and now you can add the ultimate dance party songs to your playlist from K3vin Envoy’s “Skin Deep”.  In this EP, Envoy designed the ultimate playlist with snippets of progressive house, dubstep, dance, house and glitch pop.

“Skin Deep” with its assortment of genres and songs was written while traveling about New York City; the everyday details of the City become the backdrop for its buildups, drops, hard beat and cool transformer glitch sounds.  The tracks heighten the hustle and bustle of New York; the City comes to life.  Envoy achieves an emotional resonance with his audience, but what gives the Album true power is the subtly textured music, which evolves from ponderous progressive house and dance fusion.  It’s dense with detail, you can almost feel New York, creating its own dark ‘Man in the Mask’, the haunting world of ‘Faceless Entities’ with endless ‘Secrets’, as the crowds ‘Swagger’ around the concrete jungle. “Skin Deep” pays tribute to a generation of young twenty-somethings searching for reason and purpose while, as Frank Sinatra said it best, “living in a city that never sleeps”.

“Skin Deep” made its debut on Club Radio EDM and swiftly made its way into the international club scene. Envoy toured and played “Skin Deep”, in some of the best nightclubs in Eastern Europe, including Space, Propaganda, ARMA17 and Pacha.  In Thailand he received a banging reception for his EP at Demo Thor Lor, Ku De Ta and Grease, and Envoy was honored to be invited to play “Skin Deep” at the Full Moon Party in Ko Phangan, Thailand.  While back in his homeland, Envoy previewed his EP in Miami at Nikki Beach and Club Ultra.  In Los Vegas, Envoy introduced “Skin Deep” at 10ak Nightclub and Hakkasan Nightclub. K3vin Envoy’s Facebook, and Twitter accounts were ?ooded with positive feedback, and an organic following. 2016 has proven to be another stellar year for him and his creative imprint Envoy Records, bringing big room sound and classic house music hits to the dance scene worldwide. K3vin Envoy’s musical style in this Album doesn’t lend itself to one subset genre.  In addition, expect more surprises, especially while listening to K3vin Envoy’s “Skin Deep”. Envoy incorporates his innovative style into his tracks. “Skin Deep” spins into a whirlwind of fun. 

Envoy releases independently under his own creative imprint Envoy Records, Inc. Recently, K3vin’s grind is eighteen hours a day and includes creating story boards for upcoming YouTube videos, studio ?ow, meditation, and killing it on social media with his fans. Keep in mind that K3vin is an independent artist and built his fan base from the ground up. K3vin Envoy’s social media shows his wit and his hyper focused intent on bringing the best music to his fans.

“Skin Deep” Website: http://k3vin-envoy-skin-deep.com/

K3vin Envoy Website: http://k3vinenvoy.com/k3vin-envoy-skin-deep/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/K3vinEnvoy

Twitter: https://twitter.com/K3vinenvoy

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