Chrislan Treasure, the game changer for newbie artists in the music industry

Chrislan Treasure has become a widely known name in the entertainment and music industry, thanks to the immense support he has provided to a number of newbie artists, in establishing their professional career in music. Treasure, as a talent manager and personal branding manager has changed the life of many upcoming musicians by offering them the right platform and guiding them the right way to build themselves as a musician in the highly competitive music industry. He organized 4 weeks long programs for the DIY musicians which helped them to launch themselves successfully in the industry.

Treasure also produced a documentary film, titled, SWEDEN, THE GOLDEN CHILD OF THE GLOBAL MUSIC INDUSTRY which gave an insight into the $31 billion worth music industry in the USA. The film describes how this industry is known for boosting theeconomy, tax incentives and employment in the country. Apart from giving a brief insight into the history, evolvement and current scenario of the Swedish music industry, the documentary also describes the enormous talents that have been launched over the yearsin the industry. The film received great response from the audiences and experts in the field of entertainment. 

After the success of the above-mentioned documentary film, Treasure is now all set to launch his new book titled, ‘EXCITED-Love, Career & Fame’ which is a book based on his journey into the music industry. It is well known that he has supported a number of new talent into the music industry but before that he has faced all kinds of struggles in his life and gained enormous experience which led him to his current position of being a ‘game changer’ in the industry.

In his book he describes his journey from being a singer, songwriter, TV/radio host, performing artist to becoming a successful talent scout/agent/manager. He is now a successful entrepreneur who owns the company “Elite Entertainment”, an Entertainment & Talent marketing Company that is subdivided into Elite Talent Resources, Elite Events, Elite Academy, Elite Films and Elite Entertainment TV. He explains in his book how he left his music career and became a talent endorser.

As a veteran in the music industry and someone who has known struggle quite deeply, his life journey will inspire many others to achieve what they want in their life. Chrislan is also the principal judge at the New York City Film Director Competition where he uses his vast experience to determine the next best director in the entertainment industry. Since beginning his career as a musician at an early age of 17, Chrislan has come a long way to become a multi-tasker and expert in the nuances of the entertainment industry. More information about him can be found on the official website of Chrislan Treasure.

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