ChalkTastic Increases the Production Capacity of Color Chalk Marker Pens

ChalkTastic has recently increased the production capacity of their popular Color Chalk Marker Pen. With almost fifteen hundred reviews from delighted users, this product is currently a number one bestseller in Amazon.

28th June, 2016

ChalkTastic is pleased to announce that the company has increased the manufacturing capacity of their top rated Amazon product Color Chalk Marker Pen. In this regards, the company has recently teamed up with one more manufacturing partner. Official sources have revealed that this increased production capacity will help them address the steep rise in demand for the product over the last few months. These color chalk markers are currently the number one Amazon bestseller in the category of stencil ink with close to fifteen hundred reviews.

ChalkTastic specializes in manufacturing high-quality accessories made from chalk. The company has already delivered a series of products that have done extremely well on Their color chalk pens are available in packs containing eight pens in attractive colors. The liquid chalk used to manufacture the product is non-toxic, odorless, and dust-free. Users suggest that these chalk pens are perfectly suited for decorating any ordinary non-porous surface such as chalk labels, mirrors, shop storefront windows, blackboard, whiteboard, metal, etc. These markers have also been used many teachers as a reliable teaching tool.

A recent user mentions in his Amazon review, “We ordered these for my daughter’s graduation so we could write all over her car and embarrass her and bring back memories of her younger years of softball tournaments and the girls decorating the windows and shouting out their All-star teammates. I remember how hard they used to be to scrub off, but figured the work would be worth the reward. Needless to say she was very surprised and loved the bright vibrant colors! It baked on her windows for 7 days while we were on a cruise and we all were dreading cleaning them when we returned, but to our amazement it was SO easy to clean we were truly amazed! I defiantly would recommend this brand 100% since I have tried others without these great results.”    

Explaining the need for an increased manufacturing volume, a senior official from ChalkTastic stated, “The demand for this product has grown by almost 35% over the last few months. Now, with an additional manufacturing partner, we are well placed to handle this additional demand.”

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