Greenlight VR Believes Consumers Will Adapt Virtual Reality For More Than Just Gaming

According to the ‘2016 Virtual Reality Consumer Report’ published by Greenlight VR, consumers in the U.S. are more interested in virtual reality travel, education, entertainment, home design and events than gaming.

Contrary to popular belief, non-gaming categories such as education, travel and home design are the most interesting consumer uses for virtual reality technology according to Greenlight VR consumer research.

The 2016 Virtual Reality Consumer Report contains the findings of a recent U.S. consumer survey into the attitudes, experiences and purchase intentions for consumers of virtual reality content and hardware.

In the survey, 1,200 respondents were instructed to explain their level of interest in using VR for certain usage categories. The results were surprising, as gaming took the rank of sixth, with 61 percent of those surveyed stating they were “very interested” or “interested” in VR gaming. The top ranked categories of travel, adventure or tourism (73.5%), movies and recorded content (67.3%), live concerts or events (67%), architecture and home design (65.9%) and education (63.9%) all placed ahead of virtual reality gaming (61%). These results were also present in the industry-defining segment of “high-tech spenders” who scored travel and adventure top of their list of personal interests.

“We always knew that virtual reality offered so many more experiences than simply gaming and these survey results have backed that up.” said a spokesperson for VR Smash. “Of course gaming will play a large part, especially with the younger demographics, but many consumers are interested in a much greater list of uses for virtual reality. The developers of VR software and hardware need to take notice and create offerings that go far beyond the realms of playing games.”

The study details consumer expectations and opinions on virtual reality applications, products, prices, content and more. Greenlight VR has conducted this same research in three previous studies in the consumer markets of the U.S. the U.K. and Russia. This latest report focuses on the U.S. consumer market and surveyed more than 1,200 consumers ranging from ages 18-60. The survey group included both users and non-users of virtual reality technology.

About Greenlight VR: Greenlight VR is an industry leader in the field of business intelligence for virtual reality in a global market. The company conducts research and generates data on companies and consumer behaviors related to virtual reality. Greenlight VR provides Fortune 500 companies, global tech businesses and tech-based startups the information and data they need to create informed business strategies.

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