Airwheel S3 electric self-balancing scooter enables you to lead a “Luxurious Lifestyle.”

If you want to relieve the full routine of the boring and tedious life, you can just choose the Airwheel S3 two wheel self-balancing electric scooter. It would definitely make you feel fresh and vigorous. Airwheel S3 electric standing scooter enables you to lead a “Luxurious Lifestyle.”

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Most of our time is spent on working. It seems that working constitutes parcel and part of our lives. Don’t you ever think of some ways different to travel and to make your life interesting? Airwheel is one of the intelligent electric scooters that have already been popular in high streets and back lanes. Let us just follow the step of Airwheel S3 self-balancing two wheels scooter to refresh your life.
electric standing scooter
Airwheel S3 electric self-balancing scooter possesses the most edge-cutting design and the most environmentally friendly design concepts. Every detail makes you feel that you are well taken care of. As the first two wheel electric scooter, S3 enjoys a larger consumer base than the previous ones, because of the two-wheel design making everybody enjoy the fun of self-balancing electric scooter. Moreover, the wireless remote control, the double battery protection board, the intelligent CPU and the glamorous flash lights and the super bass full frequency speaker all make you feel you are the king of the world.
Intelligent power scooter
Airwheel S3 double-wheels electric scooter adopts the high pressure casting process, made of magnesium alloy making S3 solid and pretty. Just a glance of it can make you never forget it any more. Airwheel S3 is equipped with dazzling flash lights, brake lights and turn lights. Even at night, the S3 would make you a shining star among the crowds. Besides, the double battery protection board and intelligent CPU can make you feel safer. When you are in the riding, you can just play a song though the Bluetooth remote control.  

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With Airwheel S3, you are able to live a Luxurious Lifestyle, with no more stuck in the traffic jam and no more haste. Riding Airwheel S3 eco-friendly electric scooter has already been such a lifestyle. Smart, fashionable, safe and energy-saving are all the advantages Airwheel S3 can offer you. No matter working, studying or living, you should have the Airwheel as a company.

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