Imuse Technology Limited Obtained the UL 2272 Certification(E483758)


Imuse Technology Limited officially past the product safety test conducted by the Underwriters Laboratories Inc (UL), a product safety certification company based in the United States, and obtained UL 2272 certification(E483758) on 24 June 2016, making it the fifth UL certified manufacturer around the world. You could check UL website by:


Ever since the self-balance electric scooter, or, normally referred to as hoverboard, made its debut, this new device has seen its popularity surging in many countries, especially in US. Due to its relatively affordable prices which average at several hundred USD, as well as its advantage of being intuitive to use, the market for the self-balance scooter has seen a lot of excess demand, or shortage of supply. Further, recent advance in technology has made the hoverboard as light as about 11 kilos, which is a reason that a trend has taken form to put the device in the trunk of an increasing number of cars. In addition, the pace it travels has reached 12 kilometers per hour, giving it a competitive edge.


With all these advantages and the market conditions where the demand far exceed the supply, together with the fact that the hoverboard fits very well with the idea of sustainable development, or environmental protection, for the more people use this new kind of transportation, the less cars will be run on the road, leading to reduction of emissions, the hoverbord industry has seen a expansion in a very short time.


However, with the thriving come also problems, especially the concern of safety. For example, some off-brands manufactures use plugs that are bound to be non-compliant, some use batteries and components that fail to meet the standards. All these have resulted in the safety problem, such as the risk of explosion or a fire due to the poor charging system. In this year, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has received a total of 11 reports about scooter fires. Likewise, British authorities have seized 15,000 scooters in 2016,because the charging systems have been bound to be hazardous.


And that is why the US CPSC demanded that no hoverboardis allowed to be imported into and sold in the US market unless it has passed the Hoverboard UL2272 Certification.


As a hoverboard manufacturer, Imuse Technology Limited has always embraced such values as integrity, fun, excellent customers experience, and has always put the customer first. Obtaining the UL 2272 Certification(E483758) will surely win the company a golden opportunity to establish itself as a reputable brand, and enlarge its market share in the global markets for sale-balance electric scooter.

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