Innovative New Learning Center Focuses on Older Students

While much of the emphasis on education is directed at young children, it is an undeniable fact that older students benefit as much—if not more than—younger students from extracurricular tutoring and instruction. In an effort to correct this imbalance in the educational system, veteran educational expert Janel Harris-Hamiel has developed a new learning center which will utilize evidence-based methodologies to teach the fundamentals of writing, math and reading.

This new learning program is in stark contrast to the traditional system which immerses students in knowledge without providing a foundation of how to learn that information.  This new learning program will instill in older students principles of hard work, seeking challenges, setting goals and multi-curriculum learning.

Janel Harris-Hamiel is a longtime educator in middle and high schools, who also possesses a certification in school administration. During her professional career, Janel has gained a firm appreciation for teaching fundamentals to older students.  These students often failed to acquire basic learning concepts earlier in their education and sorely need them as they enter college and the adult world.

This pioneering new educational program will help prepare young people for the challenges of life and improve communities, but it requires an investment to get started. In order to purchase the educational materials, teaching equipment and furniture to make this new learning center functional, Janel Harris-Hamiel has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo.  The contributions that you make to this life changing new program will make an enormous difference in the futures of these teens and children.  To make a financial contribution, please visit

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