SUP Fun and Kayak Fun Kits Transform Water Sports Equipment into Sail or Motor-powered Catamarans

For decades, people have been enjoying the water by traversing it in kayaks, and, in recent years, stand-up paddleboards have been all the craze. Enjoying the beach through these sports has helped enthusiasts relax, appreciate nature, and achieve greater fitness, but they often take a considerable energy investment. That has changed with the new SUP Fun and Kayak Fun Kits which uses a lightweight, aluminum frame attached to two stand-up paddleboards, or two kayaks, and quickly becomes a sail or motor-powered catamaran for enjoying the water in a more relaxed way.

The SUP Fun and Kayak Fun Kits can be assembled in just a few minutes, allowing you to easily transform your boards or kayaks into a catamaran that can accommodate up to six people. The kits come in the Low Rider, High Rider, or Wide Rider styles, which are ideal for fishing, sleeping or on-the-water social gatherings. The SUP Fun and Kayak Fun Kits is perfect for watercraft rental businesses that cater to non-athletic clientele. These kits quickly dismantle and fit into an easy-to-carry case only 39 in X 12 in X 10 in.

This is an amazing product that should spread the enthusiasm for the water, but as with any new product, it needs public support to succeed. Bruce Lamb, the inventor of SUP Fun and Kayak Fun Kits, has sponsored a Kickstarter campaign to help finance the launch of this product. If you would like to join him in making history, you will not only enjoy the satisfaction of helping create a thriving new business that helps more people enjoy the great outdoors, but you may also be eligible for valuable perks like SUP and Kayak Fun Beach Pack, SUP Fun and Kayak Fun Kits Beach Bag, Motor Mount, Paddle Steering Oar, Wide Rider Kit Airline Travel Case, Low Rider Kit Airline Travel Case, High Rider Kit Airline Travel Case, Steering Rudder, Oru Pad Kit, Kit or Guitar Airline Case, Full Sail Rig, Low Rider Stage Kit, High Rider Stage Kit, Full Low Rider Kit, or Full High Rider Kit. To learn more about SUP Fun and Kayak Fun Kits or to reserve your very own, please visit

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