Making Sense of California Inpatient Detox Treatment Programs

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It is understandable why some people are confused as to what constitutes California inpatient detox treatment programs. This is because some are perplexed as to what inpatient really means and how this is different from other types of detox treatments. Additionally, there are also those that use the terms acute and sub-acute detox treatments as well as medically managed, social model, and naturally assisted detox treatments. With so many terms differentiating the types of detox treatments, it is very easy to get confused. And when one is confused, then there is a strong likelihood that the individual will not be able to make the correct decision.

Detox treatment is required to initiate the rehabilitation process of the individual. This is one of the critical first steps in substance addiction rehabilitation. Now, the different terms used in relation to detox denote the place of the treatment, the type of treatment provided, and the type of therapeutic support provided. When it comes to the location of the treatment, it can be an outpatient treatment or an inpatient treatment. When it comes to the intensiveness of the detoxification treatment provided, it can be either acute or sub-acute. If the detox is about the nature of the supportive treatment provided, then it can be medically managed, social model, or even naturally assisted.

Inpatient detox treatment programs are those that are provided in a particular facility. There are two places where an inpatient detox treatment can be provided – a hospital or a residential facility. This is also commensurate to the type of treatment that is provided. A hospital-based inpatient detox treatment program is considered an acute detox facility because only individuals with moderate to severe life threatening conditions secondary to the substance addiction are brought to such facilities. The aim is to stabilize the individual’s condition and help mitigate any physiologic or organic problem. A residential inpatient detox program is often indicated for individuals who may have mild to moderate physiologic complaints and/or an accompanying mental or behavioral health issue. Residential inpatient detox treatments are typically called sub-acute detox programs.

So, the dividing line is actually in the severity of the physiologic complaint. If there is convulsions, seizures, abnormally elevated body temperatures, cardiac arrhythmias, respiratory depression, and coma, then acute medical care is needed. Anything that is not severe can already be managed in a residential type of inpatient detox treatment program.

When it comes to the treatments provided, you can expect that in an acute inpatient detox treatment program, the individual will be provided with a medically supervised and managed therapeutic modality. For a sub-acute inpatient detox treatment program, the supportive treatment will most likely comprise of a naturally-assisted detox program or even a social model detox treatment program for very benign cases. It is not unusual for individuals to receive medically managed detox programs in a residential type of inpatient detox. If the individual cannot tolerate the withdrawal symptoms, then medications can be administered.

These may be confusing but they all work to remove the addicting substance from the body. It makes sense to base detoxes on the nature and severity on one’s addiction problems.

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