The Effectiveness of Experiential Therapies in Drug Rehab Arizona Programs

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Cognitive behavioral therapy is the primary therapeutic model provided by many drug rehab facilities.

While studies have shown that these therapeutic modalities offer the best solution when it comes to the treatment and rehabilitation of the drug addict, it is not the only treatment method available. In fact, there are plenty of drug rehab Arizona programs that are now integrating experiential therapies in their treatment program. When used in combination with cognitive behavioral therapies, experiential therapies can provide for a more successful recovery from drug addiction and chemical dependence.

But, what is experiential therapy in the first place? As the term implies, experiential therapy involves the use of anything except purely verbal activities. This can include activities, movements, or actions where the individual ‘experiences’ the moment as opposed to just describing it and sharing it with his therapist or counselor.

There is something unique to the experiences of individuals. For example, an individual who performs psychodrama as part of his drug rehab program can act out his thoughts and emotions without necessarily confronting them directly.  This helps him to freely express whatever is inside of him so that he and his therapist can process the content of his thoughts. This will become the basis of his realization about the possible root cause of his addiction.

Man is inherently protective of his psyche. Verbalizing his thoughts and emotions can sometimes bring tremendous stress. This is why experiential therapies are used by successful drug rehab programs simply because these therapeutic modalities allow the individual to live or express his emotions and thoughts in a non-threatening and non-stressful manner. The experiential therapist can then work with the individual in fully understanding the meaning of these experiences.

Experiential therapies used in drug rehab programs are effective in facilitating change, allowing emotional growth, and ensuring personal empowerment. One classic example of experiential therapy is equine therapy where the individual learns to take care of the needs of a horse. While caring for the horse, he is able to focus more on the task at hand rather than on the therapy itself. Over time, he recognizes the value of focused activities as invaluable means to creating a healthier self-concept. An individual who is immersed in what he is doing becomes more open to talking about his experiences in the past. It is therefore very important for the experiential therapist to capitalize on this situation of openness.

Aside from psychodrama and equine therapy, there are other experiential therapies that are used by the world’s foremost drug rehab programs. These can include expressive art therapy, music therapy, art therapy, recreation therapy, wilderness therapy, and even adventure therapy. These therapeutic modalities may be viewed as not necessarily therapy in themselves but a lot of addicted individuals have been known to develop a better appreciation and understanding of themselves. And when self-esteem is boosted, the chances of recovering from drug addiction is increased exponentially.

Drug rehab programs that provide experiential therapies are providing greater hope to drug addicts and their families. There is no better way to appreciate your thoughts than through your experiences.

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