Tips for Home Windows for the Summer

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There are plenty of things to do in the summer months.

It is one of the best times of the year to stay outside and experience the great outdoors. Unfortunately, staying outdoors for too long can bring about some health problems. While you can stay indoors during the hot summer days, you run the risk of turning your home into an oven. You don’t have to suffer immensely inside your home during the summer. Here are some tips you can do on your home windows so you will still have a very enjoyable summer.

  • Go to your favorite home windows supplier and ask for a low-emissive film, which you can apply on your windows. These effectively reduce the amount of heat that is given off by your windows at home to help cool the interior of your home.
  • You can also replace your home windows with newer technologies that incorporate gas fillers like argon and krypton in the glass or pane of your window. This can help reduce the thermal footprint of the environment in your home. Additionally, these technologies are known to boost R-values and help improve energy efficiency.
  • Installing white mini blinds or window shades as these can help reduce the heat going inside your home by as much as 50 percent. The choice of white as a color will provide the light to still permeate your house so you don’t need additional lighting fixtures during the day.
  • Draw all of your curtains down on the west- and south- facing windows of your house especially in the afternoon. Try to check any room that gets direct sunlight. You can also keep the windows in these rooms closed.
  • If you don’t like closing your windows, you can install awnings on the west- and south- facing parts of your house especially if there is not enough roof overhang to provide your windows with adequate shade.
  • You can install tightly-woven bamboo shades or wooden screens outside your window to help absorb the summer heat. Studies show that you can reduce home interior heat by as much as 80 percent using this technique.
  • You can also plant trees or other plant life near your window to provide shade for your room. This is one of the most practical ways of cooling your house during the hot summer months.

For best results, it is often a lot better to replace your windows with more energy efficient ones. These can guarantee you absolute comfort any day of the year.

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