Composite Repair Compatible with 500°F Temperatures

Riviera Beach, FL – Composite reinforcements are being widely implemented in a variety of repair scenarios within refineries and petrochemical facilities within the US and around the world.  The ability to perform an insitu structural installation without hot work permits in these plants allows for a safer solution while restoring the integrity of the unit without the need to shut down. 

As non-metallic solutions are growing in use so is the need to understand the mechanical properties, chemical compatibility, and temperature limitation behind proper usage of these highly beneficial materials.  Industry standards, such as the ASME PCC-2/ISO 24817 “Repair of Pressure Equipment and Piping”, have been developed and written specifically to cover and outline procedures for the safe and successful usage of Engineered Composite Repair (ECR) Systems in this “high risk” processing pipe environments.  These industry standards have been adopted by API 579 to adequately address composite mechanical properties requirements, chemical compatibility resistance, and elevated temperature thresholds. 

NRI is excited to offer the industry the first code compliant solution that addresses these industry standards for processing pipe works designed to operate at temperatures up to 500°F(260°C) with the release of the Thermo-Wrap™500 system.   Thermo-Wrap 500 is a factory-saturated, custom engineered composite repair system compatible with temperatures reaching 500°F (260°C).  

NRI’s patented factory-saturation process ensures the right fiber-to-resin ratios are achieved provides calibrated mechanical properties to match the design calculation for every field installation.  By eliminating the need for field-saturation, the Thermo-Wrap™500 system can be applied faster and more efficiently on processing pipes with elevated operating and design temperatures while addressing the chemical compatibility exposure requirements seen within a refinery or petrochemical facility.  The Thermo-Wrap 500 system has been validated in accordance with ASME PCC-2 Article 4.1 for the repair of non-leaking (Type A) and leaking (Type B) piping at 500°F for flare lines, blow down lines, steam piping, and chemical processing lines on girth welds, elbows, and tees.

NRI is helping plant engineering groups and maintenance planners to understand where the Thermo-Wrap 500 system can be used as an alternative to clamps, enclosures, or as a pipe replacement.  NRI assists facilities with engineering assessment requirements, the design feasibility study, the planning and executing of the installation needs typically encountered when using ECR systems to repair live, and with operating piping systems in a plant environment at elevated temperatures.  

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