MARIETTA, GA – 6/29/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Majestic Resources Group Inc. has announced that it is starting the BETA phase of Review Tsunami; a web based customer engagement platform. The system has been created to address the ongoing problem local businesses encounter on a daily basis; that being the ability to get customer reviews submitted and posted on the major directory and review sites such as Yelp, Google, TripAdvisor and Facebook. 

The platform uses a combination of SMS technology and standard permission based email marketing to contact the customer within moments of having experienced their dealings with that business.  Testing has shown a much higher rate of engagement if a customer is contacted immediately after their experience with a business, that increased engagement then quite naturally translates into more communication with the owners and management of the business.  In addition to greater communication, the process has also shown a much higher instance of reviews being submitted to the local directories.  

The process also allows management to engage and respond much sooner with customers who have perhaps had less than a 5 Star experience.  Reviews posted online tend to be a permanent record, so for management to have the ability to catch and address a potential problem early on in the process, significantly improves the chance that the customer can be satisfied and a permanent negative review online can be avoided.  One study found that the presence of just 1 negative review could cost the average business 30 new customers.

Majestic Resources Groups’ President, Adrian Garner was quoted as saying “Most small businesses do a fantastic job caring for and providing for their customers, and most customers have great experiences.  Most customers truly want the local businesses that they frequent to do well, and most would gladly give a review or feedback, it’s just that today everyone is running at such a hectic pace, if they don’t get asked immediately, they forget and just move on; those are huge lost opportunities for a local business.  It’s extremely competitive out there and reviews can make a huge difference – Reviews are the social currency of the 21st century”

The company also announced that the Review Tsunami platform launch would be handled by their newly developed marketing arm; Leveraged Services.  Pamela Prater, the company’s Chief Branding Officer also confirmed that Leveraged Services would be using the collective resources of both Take1 Local which is their local video marketing division and Main Street Sampler which is their local co-op marketing and fundraising division to facilitate the launch. Ms. Prater further said “We’re extremely excited about seeing all of our company’s collective resources being used together to create a simple but powerful single step solution to help local businesses”.

Majestic Resources Group was founded in 2011 with the primary objective being to help local small businesses take advantage of and profitably leverage the numerous opportunities related to marketing their businesses digitally.  The company’s primary process is education about the local digital marketing landscape first, after which the opportunities are clear and obvious.  Visit

If you would like more information and details about the current BETA program, or to schedule an interview with Adrian, please feel free to contact us during normal business hours at 404-984-4339 during or email Pamela at

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