Rentcharlie – The rent-anything site represents another step forward in the sharing economy

Innovative platform expands the communal concept of Uber and AirBNB to the contents of your garage

Calgary, Alberta – June 29, 2016 – Rentcharlie, a neighbor-to-neighbor rental website, has launched. Rentcharlie is a web platform aimed to connect little-used items with people who would like to use those items. The site comprises listings of thousands of items, available to rent from everyday people. While the renter can find items they need locally and inexpensively — items they may otherwise have had to buy — the owner of those items can profit from stuff previously gathering dust in their home or garage.  

Meanwhile, homes are less cluttered, needless consumption drops, and the environment carries a lighter load, all without restricting our access to the things we want to use. Trailers, power tools, sports equipment, camping supplies–possibilities abound for renting rather than buying. “Owning items is often unnecessary, as evidenced by the fact that an average of 80% of the things we own are used less than once a month,” says startup CEO James Anderson. Rentcharlie aims to have these items work and earn money for their owners. For those renting items,Rentcharlie provides the opportunity to tackle a project or try a new hobby, without the constant need to buy more things.  

Rentcharlie is raising awareness via Kickstarter.  To sign up or learn more about Rentcharlie, click here

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Company Name: Rentcharlie
Contact Person: James Anderson
Country: Canada