Heroin Detox Treatments – Finding Light amidst a Sea of Darkness

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Individuals with heroin addiction often find themselves struggling with the various physiologic and psychological as well as behavioral manifestations of acute heroin withdrawal. Because many of these symptoms are inherently tied to the effects of heroin on both the mind and the body, it is crucial to have these types of addicting substances removed in an efficient and very safe manner. It is for this reason that a medically managed heroin detoxification treatment is needed to help ensure individuals with heroin addiction will finally see the light amidst a sea of darkness. And while the end of one’s addiction turmoil is far from over, heroin detox treatments can nonetheless provide the hope everyone is looking for.

Medically assisted heroin detox treatments rely on the use of alternative or replacement medications that have the same physiologic effects of heroin but lesser of the severe to life threatening side effects. More importantly, these medications provide a safer and more efficient way of weaning the body off heroin and other opioids or opiates.

These replacement drugs such as methadone, buprenorphine, and naltrexone act by mimicking the mechanism of action of heroin. Technically, the individual is given an alternative to heroin in an effort to minimize the severity of the withdrawal symptoms. Over time, these medications are gradually tapered off to allow the body ample time to recover. For example, during the first week of heroin detoxification, the individual will be given a replacement medication which will trick the brain into thinking that it is still taking heroin. Every week or so, the dose of this drug is reduced until such time that the body no longer feels the need – or crave – for the drug. It may take some time, but it is a very safe way to heroin detoxification.

In some cases where medically assisted heroin detox is not needed, such as in instances where the withdrawal symptoms are mild to moderate, the individual can undergo cognitive behavioral therapies to help him manage his heroin withdrawal symptoms. These non-pharmacologic management of detoxification relies on one’s ability to form healthier, more positive, and more adaptive thought patterns to influence one’s behavior. This can also provide a very strong framework for the continuation of the heroin addiction treatment and rehabilitation.

Undergoing heroin detox treatments can be very challenging. However, with the right kind of support and care, finding light amidst a sea of darkness is not impossible.

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