Thomas Brittendahl shocks the world with his modern retelling of Job in his spine-chilling novella, An Evil

The readers of horror and the fans of christian fantasy surely have a valid reason to rejoice as the award-winning novella, An Evil, has finally been launched.

Talented author Thomas Brittendahl, high school teacher by day and writer by night, is happy to announce the availability of his new award-wining Christian Horror novella entitled An Evil. The novella is released through Print Book and Ebook via Amazon.

In a blessed life, the protagonist, Paul, enjoys a family of many children and a prolific career as the head pastor of a congregation. Within a matter of days, his perfect life was turned upside-down. Everything he owned … gone. Everyone he loved … dead. His health … fading away. He is being tested. Will he come out of this more prosperous like Job, or will he prove to be unworthy?

Since the release of his novella, reviewers have praised the brilliant work. One reviewer said that the book left readers “satisfied and marveling at Brittendahl’s ability to make you want to turn the page.” Another reviewer called it, “shrouded in horror and uneasy suspense.” Dianne Bylo, Amazon Hall of Fame reviewer, said that it was “Very dark, very thought-provoking and very entertaining!” Midwest Reviewer said that she had “never read a more heart pounding book that offers a gritty look into the sinister ways of evil.”

In an interview, Brittendahl said that he hopes that his readers “feel a little chill” after reading the book and also that “the story sparks a conversation, or provokes readers to think about their beliefs.”

About Thomas Brittendahl

Thomas Brittendahl loves dark fiction, whether it be horror, science fiction, fantasy, comedy or any other genre.  Graduating magna cum lade from San Jose State University with a degree in History and a minor in Philosophy, Thomas Brittendahl’s writing thus far explores the darkness of humanity and the greater world, addressing such questions as why the good and innocent suffer, and whether there is any hope for our species in a world filled with so much conflict.

 He is currently teaching high school in the bay area and, in addition to An Evil, is preparing two new works for release.  Repository for the Unwanted blends paranormal and historical fiction to tell the story of a seventeenth-century nun who struggles against both possession and the Church while trying to protect a secret lover.  Deification is the first book in the trilogy, A Bridge Between Gods & Man, which blends science and political fiction to tell the story of people struggling to reach beyond their human limits, and the inevitable tragedies entailed in the pursuit.

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