Best LED Safety Light Reviews on Amazon Reveal Multiple Uses for Small, Light (in Weight) Strobe Lights

Bike Lights, Dog collar, Runners, Walker & Hikers Are Just A Few Users of LED Safety Lights says Life Style Lytz

It is not unusual for technology to often throw up more questions than answers. So it is not surprising that following the launch of the LED Safety Lights by Life Style Lytz that even the company had not thought of the innumerable number of uses that its customers would find for this small 2 pack set of LED safety lights. Initially marketed as a bike light or an alternative visibility aid for running at night, the size and portability of the LED lights have made them a favourite amongst hikers, hunters, walkers not to mention the fact they can be attached to almost anything, making them great for kids going to and from school.

In a statement today by manufacturer Life Style Lytz they announced how pleased they were that their product had not only been given a 5 stars rating by customers on Amazon, the retail platform, but that they were overwhelmed by the great variety of uses that customers had found for the lights some of which the company had not foreseen.

A spokesperson for Life Style Lytz explained, “We would have normally expected to have seen a lull during the summer months for our LED Safety Lights as the main markets were those people running or travelling during the darker winter months. but we are seeing camping, hiking and hunters all interested in the lights due to their size and versatility. As safety gear goes, they can be carried without adding hardly any weight to your gear, yet they provide essential function if needed. The high visibility they provide combined with a 90 hour battery life means that anyone doing outdoor activities can be safe and visible if needed without impeding on the enjoyment of the activity they are undertaking.”

Life Style Lytz is manufacturer of the Life Style Lytz Multi-Purpose Safety Light. The clip-on lights that come in packs of two, contain five powerful LED lights that can be set to slow strobe, fast strobe or continuous display. The multi purpose lights can be used for any outdoor activity and their design allows for them to be clipped on the person via a powerful hinged clip or by Velcro straps, (2 x included in each pack), that can be used on wrists, ankles or used to fasten the lights on bags and clothing.

The spokesperson continued, “We are so happy people are finding so many ways to use our LED Safety Lights to make their lives safer. Their comments are a great testament to the hard work put into the development of the product.”



Here are some selected comments. See below to find the link to all customer reviews;

“Any way you choose to use these LED lights, I’m sure that you will get noticed!”


“These are great lights! I take my daughter for rides in a bicycle trailer and it has reflectors but I was looking for something with higher viability and these are perfect. Two of them means I can put one on each side and they work great and really are very bright. They come packaged very nicely and worked right out of the box. A great product and a great purchase.”


“I loved how this works. Very handy came in with batteries. Good bright lights and reliable.”




Life Style Lytz is manufacturer and distributor of The Life Style Lytz LED Safety Light 2 Pack. The packs can be purchased exclusively on Amazon. For further information please go to their sales page at or visit them on Facebook at

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