Chinese actor Ren Yu appears on the cover of GQ and is awarded as the most perfect feature of oriental men.

Currently, the fashion magazine GQ releases a set of oriental photographs of Chinese actor Ren Yu. This time, GQ does its all efforts to express the most beautiful oriental romantic charm of Ren Yu and it is Ren Yu that is the fantastic boy with green gown.

From  GQ

Recently, Chinese film and television actor, Ren Yu, appears on the cover of GQ and he is extraordinarily handsome dressed in a black suit. The perfect oriental man’s feature distributes the heroic spirit while typical gentleness of oriental men is faintly revealed between the eyebrows. Ren Yu was born in Inner Mongolia, China and he is always full of profound Chinese characteristics with sense of mystery by his clean-cut face. The photographer said: “Ren Yu is a real actor but not a model. Stories are hidden in his eyes and he is expressing.”

Ren Yu is one of Chinese new-generation actors. His acting style has not only the historical deposits, but sense of youth and tension of young people. With flexible performance and sincere emotional expression, Ren Yu takes advantage of excellent equestrianism and Chinese Kungfu to conquer the audience.

The actor, Ren Yu, stated: “I am very honored to participate in this photographing, thus I get this opportunity to learn from international team. The photographer team is very professional and I find everything fresh and new no matter in aspect of enthusiasm enhancement or costume, which gives me a different feeling. Therefore, I really look forward to the finished photographs.”

When the journalist asked Ren Yu about future planning, he said: “I will increasingly practice performance. On the premise of doing well own work, I want to be developed for Hollywood and cooperate with much more international directors.”

It is reported that Ren Yu has been selected as one of 2016 world’s most handsome men appraised and elected by MODE. Wearing the blue suit, he is much more handsome.


From  MODE


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