Crowdfunding Campaign Launched To Make Protein Bars Healthy And Tasty

The crowdfunding campaign aims to provide healthy consumers with what they have been asking for, and that is tasty protein bars with quality natural ingredients.

A new crowdfunding campaign has been launched to bring health into people’s lives. The campaign on KICKSTARTER aims to introduce new and improved organic protein bars called Thrill Bars that are healthier and tastier than the current offerings on the market.

The campaign launched by Chris Bonnet aims to raise $12,000 to produce organic protein bars that are made with Grass-Fed Whey Protein, Gluten-Free and have non-GMO ingredients with no artificial sweeteners. Unlike other protein bars on the market that claim to be healthy but contain unnatural ingredients, Thrill Bars will only contain the natural ingredients on the packet with no hidden extras.

Millions of people each year in the USA eat protein bars, many of those don’t know what they are digesting, believing the name protein bars is enough to convince them they are healthy. However, many of those protein bars could put excess weight on the consumer and contain ingredients that normally they would not be willing to consume. The people behind Thrill Bars have explained it’s not just about the unnatural ingredients other bars contain.

A spokesman for Thrill Bars explained: “Although millions of people eat protein bars each year in the USA and tens of millions eat them around the world, many are put off by the taste. We have brought out protein bars that are tasty.”

Obesity in the USA and around the world is continuing to climb. According to lifestyle experts, the problem is not just down to people being addicted to food or not having the time to undertake physical exercise; it is also down to the time people have to eat healthy food. When looking to lose weight or maintain a healthy diet, it is important to eat the correct food and avoid fast food for its convenience. Thrill Bars will provide those busy people with a healthy snack, which allows them to maintain their healthy diet while at the same time getting the nourishment they need.

Thrill Foods, based in Las Vegas are offering many rewards for those that support the campaign. The rewards allow the backers of the campaign to enjoy first-hand the taste of the bars and see why they are so different than those currently on the market.

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About The Crowdfunding Campaign

The campaign aims to raise $12,000 and has been launched by Chris Bonnet. The company Thrill Bars are based in Las Vegas.

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