African Immigrants For Hillary Clinton – African Immigrants Organize to Support Clinton

African immigrants in the United States have launched a drive aimed at supporting and boosting Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid. The group, made up mainly of African professionals residing in the United States recently launched its Facebook page, “African Immigrants for Hillary Clinton”, which has already attracted more than 30,000 followers so far.

According to information available on the page, the group’s goals include mobilizing eligible immigrants to support and vote for Clinton, while also urging those Africans who reside outside the United States to appeal to their relatives and friends in the US to do the same. In a series of posts on its page, the group showcased Clinton’s good relationship with Africans and the rest if the world, while also pointing out why her rival, Republican Donald Trump, is not the best candidate for the job.

When reached for comments, the group’s coordinator, Attorney Jay Menes of Dallas (Texas), stated that it became necessary to get involved in the elections and mobilize other African immigrants because his group recognized the strategic importance and influence which the United States and its president have towards the development, progress, and stability of the African continent. Attorney Menes, whose firm, Menes Konsult, focuses on cross-border representation of foreign  businesses in Africa, explained that  his group decided to mobilize support for Clinton because of their conviction that Donald Trump is simply too divisive to be entrusted with the responsibilities that are attached to the presidency of the United States, who is also considered the leader of the free world. He stated that they are concerned that Mr. Trump’s negative and generalized comments against certain racial and religious groups could have the effect of inciting violence, even if he did not intend such consequences. According to Mr. Menes, Trump’s rhetoric and approach are simply contrary to what most people believe were intended by the founding fathers of the United States. He observed that such rhetoric and approach could adversely affect the respect and goodwill enjoyed by America around the world, especially during the tenure of the out-going President. Obama. He added that Mr. Trump “has simply failed to exhibit the level of maturity and composure, which the world expects to see in an American president.”

Mr. Menes explained that his group and its efforts are independent of, and not affiliated with Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Organization. The group’s Facebook page, however, provides information, and a link to the Clinton Campaign Organization, so that eligible persons who wish to provide donations and other forms of support to her campaign may directly contact the organization. Mr. Menes also stated that as the general elections draw nearer, his group plans to reach out to the Clinton Campaign Organization with the aim of providing some funds for advertisements and other mobilization efforts targeted at immigrants in certain key states and cities. ” We do not have much, but we certainly plan to give our ‘widow’s mite’ because we believe that Hillary Clinton is a better option for America and the world” explained Mr. Menes.

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