Ingenious and intelligent manufacturing: Airwheel E6 Foldable Electric Bike

In the 1890s, electric bicycles were documented within various U.S. patents. Since then, it has experienced a rapid growth, especially in 21th century and its sales are expanding rapidly in India, the United States of America, Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. Airwheel, specializing in self-balancing electric scooter, has released its first foldable electric bike called E6 with ingenious and intelligent manufacturing.

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In the 1890s, electric bicycles were documented within various U.S. patents. For example, on 31 December 1895, Ogden Bolton Jr. was granted U.S. Patent 552,271 for a battery-powered bicycle with “6-pole brush-and-commutator direct current (DC) hub motor mounted in the rear wheel.” There were no gears and the motor could draw up to 100 amperes (A) from a 10-volt battery. Up to now, the tech is more cutting-edged and the e-bike market is more mature. Under such background, Airwheel rolled out E6 electric assist bicycle in a bid to provide riders more solutions to daily transportation.
Airwheel is experienced in making intelligent electric scooters and the born of Airwheel E6 has inherits a host of virtues of the precious models. For instance, Airwheel E6 adopts the modular battery in combination with the USB port, just like Airwheel Z5.

Airwheel E6

You can charge your devices any time, such as USB night light, smart phone and other daily electronics. More usages are waiting for you to discover. Also, E6 smart electric bike is equipped with the upgraded Airwheel App to realize fault self-diagnosis and intelligent speed limit, easy to control even for the first riding.

Airwheel E6
However, the innovation counts much, represented by the human engineering designed saddle and patented X shape body design. After 12 working processes, the surface is non-corrosive, its service life as long as 5 years. To gain comfortable riding experience, E6 chooses the rubber saddle in left-right design with balanced force and good ventilation. Besides, the X shape body design makes Airwheel E6 folding electric bike distinguished from others.

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Moreover, the creative black technology C-AT Vehicle Control System is upgraded by Airwheel after thousand times of experimental test to achieve better stability and operation. Other details of E6 e bike battery operated bicycle are also worth noting, such as the Intelligent EBS braking system, customized high performance hub motor and double damping system etc.

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