Potbox Supports The California Adult Use of Marijuana Act

California’s legalization framework is one of the strongest, most fair and most mature in the nation but room for improvement exists

San Francisco – Potbox, the award-winning, premium cannabis delivery club, today voiced its support for California’s Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA), a framework for legalizing recreational marijuana use, which was certified by the State of California for inclusion on the general ballot in November.

California’s AUMA recognizes best practices to control, regulate and tax the responsible adult use, sale and cultivation of marijuana in California. Potbox supports the Act, which enables adults over 21 years old to buy and possess cannabis or cannabis-infused products, and grow small amounts at home for personal use. Among the most beneficial outcomes from AUMA include: 

  • Saves state and local governments up to $100 million annually in reduced taxpayer costs, and could raise an estimated $1 billion in new tax revenues annually
  • Funds would be earmarked to improve local communities, schools and infrastructure projects, fund drug abuse education programs and support related law enforcement efforts
  • No longer criminalizes the responsible use of cannabis and eliminates the incarceration of non-violent cannabis users
  • Legitimizes and regulates California’s cannabis industry, similar to the alcohol industry.
  • Provides strict anti-monopoly provisions and protects small farmers, so California’s cannabis industry cannot be overrun by mega-corporations
  • Protects the environment from the effects of illegal cannabis cultivation

“Potbox strongly supports the California AUMA because it sets forth some of the strongest and most fair regulations governing the cultivation, sale and use of marijuana in the country. As cannabis business owners and medical cannabis patients ourselves, we welcome the much needed legitimacy, transparency, protections and regulation that AUMA would bring to our industry,” said Austin Heap, CEO of Potbox. “However the Act’s framework poses several restrictions that we deem excessive or unfair that will need to be addressed during actual implementation.”

Potbox Concerns with AUMA

While the California AUMA contains many positive measures, Potbox believes the Act contains several shortcomings and oversights that are detrimental to the cannabis industry and the success of the initiative.

Specifically, the current AUMA framework:

  • Allows local governments to ban the cultivation and sale of medical cannabis, which is used by millions of people to alleviate a broad range of ailments
  • Imposes a questionably high, 15% + tax increase on medical cannabis, which could impact the availability of the medicine to those who need it most
  • Provides no oversight for cannabis tax revenue, which could be easily reallocated to other programs
  • Makes it illegal to consume cannabis in any public place except for specifically licensed premises
  • Bans vaporization in non-smoking areas, when neither smoke nor cannabinoids are emitted 

Heap continues: “California has the largest cannabis economy in the world — larger than Colorado, Washington, and Oregon combined. Other U.S. states will be looking to California as a model for their own legalization efforts, which means that the California government, federal regulators and the cannabis industry need to solidify the AUMA framework to make it fair and equitable for all parties.”

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Founded in 2015, Potbox delivers the highest quality, most ethically-grown, premium medical marijuana delivery to registered patients in San Francisco and Los Angeles via a monthly subscription or an on-demand basis. For more information about Potbox, visit www.potbox.com.

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