Sign Spinners Making A Scene In London And Across the UK With Powerful Marketing Results

A new way of gaining the publics attention has been launched that allows a business to get their message across to their potential customer without it being ignored. It has been described as one of the most exciting ways to grab a potential customers attention

Until recently seeing sign spinners on the streets of London, or elsewhere in Britain, has been a rare sight.  However, beginning in July, London will have its first professional sign spinners available for hire based on an idea from the USA.

Highly popular in the U.S. and elsewhere around the world, sign spinning is an energetic and engaging form of local advertising designed to capture people’s attention.  Most commonly used to promote a business, product or an event, sign spinners have been proven to increase foot traffic and grow sales.

Sign spinners are a completely mobile and animated advertisement that can be located virtually anywhere and used to enhance any brand or promote a business.  The key benefits of employing professional sign spinners are:

·       A high energy, interactive brand ambassador

·       Impossible to ignore as they perform their antics

·       Flexible and mobile, provide vibrant advertising wherever and whenever desired

·       More economical than static billboard advertising

·       People are 80% more likely to pay attention to an attention-grabbing moving sign

·       Guaranteed to generate at least 20% more awareness than a static sign

The professional sign spinners from Streets United have experience and talent based on participation in advertising campaigns in continental Europe and the United States.  All types of businesses such as restaurants, department stores, local boutiques, coffee shops, real estate agents, car lots, and more will benefit from sign spinners as a part of their advertising and promotional programs.

Unlike other marketing techniques that fail to gain the attention of potential customers, it has been proven the general public would stop and take notice when they see a sign spinner, which in turn helps the business to gain the exposure they need.

For more information about Streets United, or to inquire about how a sign spinner can grow sales, please visit the company’s website at

About Streets United

Streets United is a worldwide entertainment supplier offering a wide variety of entertainment shows in sixty-five countries around the world.  The company unites the streets, thriving on and providing opportunities for new and entertaining talent.  It strives to fulfill its clients’ entertainment  and experiential marketing needs.

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