River Run Launches The First Tiller Handle Electric Paddle Board

Leading the way through their high quality, innovative and durable products, water outboards developers and retailer, River Run has recently announced the launch of their newest innovation – The First Tiller Handle Electric Paddle Board. The new electric motor fitted paddle board has been designed to take users further into the fun of paddling, fishing or hunting.

“With the River Run SUP Electric Paddle Board Motor, you can now go miles further and get back home easier after a long day of fishing, hunting or paddling. Provides boaters another great way to get into hard to reach areas for intense fishing action. This unit has many uses as it allows you to go much further than your arms could ever possibly paddle! Ideal for rescue operations.” – The River Run spokesperson about the new electric motor paddle board.

The new paddle boards feature a powerful rechargeable deep cell AGM battery that charges quickly and provide a long battery life that would be sufficient for the most ambitious paddle boarding adventure. River Run’s aim was to deliver excellent speeds, long battery life and great maneuverability as the standard features with the River Run Board Motors making it a true joy to ride for any type of usage.

Standup paddle boarding has seen a great surge in popularity within the past few years. People at the store believe that the fact that this board sport compared to others is much easier to learn, it is as simple, fun and easy as just hopping on and paddling. This new innovation by River Run will take paddle boarders into the whole new boarding level. It comes from a group of people at River Run who love water board sports as much as their customers.

The spokesperson further added: “We exhaust all resources in building innovative products that set the tone for the industry. We know you like cool, useful and innovative products that are priced right. We like the same! We engineer every item to be the manufactured the way it should be. Not the way it is cheapest. We know employing good techniques in manufacturing will make a happy customer and a long lasting product.”


River Run All Water Outboards is a company full of committed individuals who have a passion for building first class products that our customers will experience great joy with. They design, develop, and sell water outboards that are innovative, will make a happy customer and be long lasting. For more information, please visit: http://riverrunmarine.com/

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