Oukitel is set to unveil a new mobile phone – an ultra thin phone with massive battery ‘K7000’

Oukitel one of the high-tech company that deals on mobile devices is set to unveil a new device Oukitel K7000 by July.

The planned device is said to have a thickness of just 4 mm with gigantic 7000 mAh sounds battery like a sci-fi. Nothing is official yet, but reliable sources are really hinting about a 4 mm thin Oukitel K7000 with 7000 mAh battery, 5-inch display with HD resolution and Android 6.0 Marshmallow pre-installed. The device should be unveiled somewhere in July so there is no long wait ahead.

Are they really trying to challenge the Gionee phones famous for their ultra slim record design? We are yet to know. Must phone equipped with a massive battery be a thick monster? Well Oukitel engineers clearly don’t think so and soon they are planning to convince us about their vision. Until we see this phone with our own eyes it’s hard to fully believe such words, so we have to wait and try to figure out how the heck they will be able to fit that massive battery into such a thin body.


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