D.B. McDowell surprises the world with his mastery of the realms of Science Fiction and Fantasy with the release of his debut novel, The Girl Who Stole Tomorrow

The readers of science fiction, space marine, and the fans of fantasy genre have surely got a valid reason to rejoice as the much awaited novel, ’The Girl Who Stole Tomorrow’, has finally been launched.

Talented author D.B. McDowell, technical writer by day and science fiction writer by night, is happy to announce the availability of his novel entitled The Girl Who Stole Tomorrow. The novel is released through Ebook via Amazon.

In a world where monsters have decimated the face of the planet and humans have retreated underground, a young girl struggles with her task of eradicating the monsters on the surface. Amidst her first mission, she discovers something horrifying that blurs the lines of who the true enemies are. Having to defend against enemies on both sides, will she be able to survive as she tolls the line between fear and war?

Since the release of his novel, reviewers have praised McDowell’s brilliant work. One reviewer said that it was “… very entertaining, a little dark.” Another reviewer couldn’t stop praising the “vivid description of the other world beings and environment.” But all agreed that they couldn’t wait to read the next book.

In an interview, McDowell said that his hope for the book was that “readers will be drawn to Alycia for how candid she is in a world that is scary and relentless (in many ways like our own), and that they see in her things they once saw within themselves. And when the story reaches its emotional climax – when Alycia has been through hell – I hope readers are just as exhausted and on the edge in anticipation and excitement for what comes next.”

About D.B. McDowell

D.B. McDowell is a professional technical writer by day and a science fiction writer by night. Sometimes the two worlds collide as he begins inserting fantasy characters into the policies and procedures in his mind. His quirkiness continues as he’s known to have designed an SQL database for a business solely on the promise of Haribo® gummy bears and root beer.

When he’s not at his keyboard, McDowell is either reading or inventing creative excuses to have Little Caesar’s pizza. Thankfully his beautiful wife is there to keep his health in check.

Described as dark but with a touch of humor, McDowell’s writing is inspired by the works of Orson Scott Card, Dan Simmons, and Tanith Lee.

Press and bloggers, who wish to review The Girl Who Stole Tomorrow or interview D.B. McDowell, email DbMcdowell.Publishing@gmail.com.


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