Son starts fundraiser for his mother suffering from rare breast cancer

Jason Mitchell has started a crowdfunding campaign on to raise funds for his mother Gene Mitchell, diagnosed with stage 3 inflammatory breast cancer on July 27, 2015. It is a rare and chronic type of cancer that spreads fast and occurs in only 1-6% of American women.  The news came as a shock to the family and they discovered that women with this type of cancer may survive only for five years and in several cases, the patients have died earlier too. The treatment of the cancer requires endless visits in the hospital, chemotherapy sessions and a number of medicines, the cost of which is getting out of hand for the family which is why they have turned to the masses for support.

While looking for alternative treatments which could treat the cancer, they discovered the Rosenberg Integrative Cancer Treatment and Research Institute (RICTRI). Dr. Mark Rosenberg from RICTRI suggested a treatment plan that has been successful in shrinking tumors and cancer cells in this type of cancer. All the therapies such as the Liver detox therapy, cancer screenings and cancer diet among others included in the treatment plan will cost around $48,000 to the family which is difficult for them to afford.

With the help of strict diet, Gene has battled through cancer for 11 months now but the mercury fillings in her mouth are causing her breasts to become more inflamed and painful. The constant mercury toxicity may also leave the treatment unaffected. The dentist has strictly suggested her to replace the mercury filling with nontoxic fillings and the cost of which would be around $12000. This is why Jason has started the fundraising campaign with a goal of $60,000. A number of people have come forward and supported the campaign but still there is a long way to go.

With time the cancer is getting worse and its heart wrenching for Jason to see his mother in extreme pain. The success of the campaign will ensure that she is able to afford the treatment offered by the RICTRI and get his mother back living a normal life. More information about the campaign can be seen on

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