Road Trip USA and NYC Guide Now Introduced as a Project on Indiegogo

The Road Trip USA and NYC Guide has now been introduced as a project on Indiegogo along with an image and little tricks that help people discover the city in a usual and playful way.

The aim of the photographer, Deborah, is to increase the awareness of people to this original e-guide and get the support needed for its success.

As an e-guide, it is unique from the rest due to its big descriptions and beautiful pictures. The discovery of some of the hidden places of New York and anecdotes is also made easy using this guide.

Only the most fascinating and most beautiful sceneries will be presented helping them look for the address of a hallucinating or hidden shop. New York, as the city of the hearts of the locals and tourists, will look so exciting because of the guide. This opportunity is also presented after a small road trip is made in the United States.

With photography as her profession, she went through an adventure and visited some of the retail spots like Death Valley, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Niagara Falls and Grand Canyon. The live extraordinary landscapes of the USA will have to be successfully presented after the photo camera housing is replaced. Her camera had already been used and in order to produce excellent prints, she had to go professional housing of Canon while still having a good record. Other equipments had already been made available like the filters, goals, airline tickets, travel plan and footwear.

That case is an essential tool needed in the success of the project and of the road trip. Canon dealers and owners can present the case and other people can follow them during their road trip.

Deborah and her husband will be very active on social networks and will also be posting pictures on Instagram.

It is expected that more people will be interested in supporting the project of New York Guide (eBook), following the trip of Deborah, in discovering the city in an easy and playful way.


If you are interested to know more about the project, feel free to visit this link or kindly see the pictures posted on Instagram and then visit this blog link

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