Q Medical Singapore Announces Expanded HIV Testing Program – Latest Testing Technology Includes PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)

Q-Medical website to inform the public about the “Window Period” and types of HIV Tests.

SINGAPORE, August 7, 2014, HIV and AIDS are two health conditions that send shivers down the spine of most people. Some people, according to their lifestyle, are at a higher risk than others at contracting the disease. Q Medical Clinic is dedicated in performing accurate HIV Testing, and to treating positive cases with a special protocol that they themselves developed. If an exposed person is treated within 72-hours, he or she stands a good chance at preventing HIV from turning into AIDS.

This is a serious matter that is not to be taken lightly. Q Medical is a centrally located, accredited, private medical clinic to test and treat HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases. The length of time that elapses from the first exposure to HIV determines what type of testing is most recommended. Q Medical reports that from 0-72 hours post HIV exposure, there is no test available. However, people can prevent or stop HIV from entering and infecting the body after exposure by starting the HIV PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) treatment.

Between 7-20 Days of post exposure, the HIV PEP Test would be performed. It can detect small amounts of the virus in a newly infected person. The test is performed through Venipuncture Blood Samples, and results can be expected in 1-2 Weeks. From 21-28 Days of post exposure, the test that is suggested would be the HIV Combination P24 Antigen/Antibody Duo Lab Test. The test is also performed through Venipuncture Blood Samples, and results can be expected in 1-3 Days. Also during this time period, there is a Fingerprick Test that is available called the Rapid HIV Blood P24 Antigen/Antibody Duo Test, and results are out in only 20-minutes.

Q Medical also has HIV Testing for cases that are more than 28-Days post exposure. Two of the tests have results in 20-minutes, they are the Rapid Oral HIV-1/2 Antibody Test through Oral Swab, and the Rapid Fingerprick Blood HIV-1/2 Antibody Test. The HIV Antibody Lab Test (ELISA), is through Venipuncture and takes 1-3 Days for results. Remember, over time, and without treatment, HIV gradually destroys the body’s defenses against diseases, leaving it vulnerable to many infections and cancers that do not normally develop.

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