Brain Cream Is The New Moisturizing Cream: Relaxingpal And Intelligent Beauty Sleep

Today’s busy woman spends generously on moisturizers, and yet, when she catches glimpses of herself in the mirror, she often encounters dull skin, bags under her eyes, and a weary expression on her face. But, it’s not as if her night creams aren’t worth her every penny. More likely, in order to work, her night creams should be accompanied by a vital prerequisite to rejuvenation, namely, sleep.

Unfortunately, every recommended hour of sleep has become a modern luxury. However, today’s woman knows that sleep deprivation isn’t a problem she can’t solve. All she needs to do is find a way to get some high-quality, uninterrupted sleep, and RelaxingPal, the intelligent sleep mask from daVigor, Inc., is her perfect relaxation companion and her moisturizing cream’s essential accomplice. 

Sleep and Beautiful Skin

While we sleep, our cells are working to repair and reconstruct themselves. For instance, our corticosteroid and adrenaline levels fall, and our bodies produce growth hormones ( Also, what prevents our skin from undesirably sagging is that our cells generate collagen, and more collagen makes skin less susceptible to wrinkles. “‘That’s part of the repair process’”, exclaims Patricia Wexler, MD, a dermatologist residing in New York (

So, the better we sleep, the brighter and less puffy our eyes are, and the healthier we appear. Moreover, as we wake up to face our daily demands, we do so with a (real) smile, while our skin radiantly glows. Now we’re glowing because our body was boosting blood flow to the skin, as we were sleeping ( Additionally, while we were snoozing, our body rebalanced its hydration. Our skin recovered moisture, and excess water was removed ( Therefore, after a good night’s sleep, or even a refreshing nap, we look younger, and that miserable frown on our face has disappeared, only to be replaced by a natural luminescence.

Sleep Deprivation and its Disadvantages

Sadly, when we skimp on sleep, we compromise not only our beautiful skin, but our health and happiness, as well. As a result, our complexion may appear lackluster. Michael Breus, PhD, and board certified sleep specialist explains that, “‘sleep deprivation causes a decrease in blood flow to the skin surrounding your face. Skin becomes dull, and you don’t get those rosy cheeks anymore’” (

Also, less sleep leads to puffy, under-eye bags or circles, dryness, and more wrinkles because our cells cannot balance the water stored in the body (Everyday Even worse, damaged cells aren’t repaired, without deeper sleep phases, because growth hormones aren’t produced. Consequently, our body makes less growth hormones and more stress hormones, like cortisol. In effect, our skin’s quality drops as stress and inflammation rise (

RelaxingPal and Sleep

Sleep experts advise us to go to sleep at a regular time, each day. Supposedly, if we set the alarm for the same time everyday, we’ll develop a regular sleep-wake rhythm ( But, that’s easier said than done, because even though we try to make ourselves fall asleep, oftentimes, our brains just won’t shut up. And then we toss. And we turn. Meanwhile, nature decides to call, so we get up to go to the bathroom, and as we head back to bed, oh yeah, we forgot to do something during the day, so let’s do it now! Then, falling asleep for eight hours seems hopeless, especially since we have to wake up in five. The alarm is set, but our body isn’t.

Yet, RelaxingPal makes following a sleep schedule easier for us, because it helps us silence that chatty brain of ours, and prepare our body for deep, unhampered sleep. Dr. Adrian Williams, consultant physician and director of the London Sleep Centre, tells us that “‘it’s important to have alternating periods of slow-wave (deep sleep) and REM (rapid-eye-movement) – light, dreamy sleep’” ( RelaxingPal helps us experience a satisfying sleep cycle because it uses the brain’s natural structure to slow it down. RelaxingPal also helps us maintain a consistent sleep schedule because it uses machine learning to understand every individual’s sleep cycles, and thereby adjusts the durations of different sleep stages, like REM, accordingly. Finally, RelaxingPal incorporates machine learning with appropriate, corrective naps and suggestions, and it schedules naps to adjust one’s biorhythm. Moreover, we can have fun with RelaxingPal’s apps (applications), as we choose how long we want to sleep for, and what music we’d like to relax to.

In short, today’s modern woman doesn’t have to look like a successful disaster. Yes, she has many things to do, and not enough time to do them. But, if she adds RelaxingPal to her beauty regimen, she can consume less time concealing those irritating under-eye circles or ashen cheeks, and spend more time happily sleeping. As a result, she only needs to put on a mask while she sleeps, and not when she’s awake.

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