Pakistani Medical Doctor Narmeen Gohar Inscribed for High Institutional Research Contours

Academic News//Postdoc /US/Asia/7/1/2016/

Pakistan’s youngest female researcher of embryonic toxicology Dr. Narmeen Gohar has been inscribed as an associate postdoctoral research moderator, at the National Postdoctoral Association (US) by the Inter-regional Directors’ Board of the SAARC-ASEAN Post-doc Academia. 

Narmeen Gohar is registered with Pakistan Medical and Dental Council. She worked as general medicine resident at Mayo Hospital Lahore from 2013 to 2015.

She has been instated for contributing to the first Post-Disaster’s Epidemiological Susceptibility & Pandemic Outbreak (Post-DESPO) Assessment Appraisal of 2016. The DESPO-Asia of 2015 marked highest cross-referential impact factor (CRIF) on DRR perspectives of the United Nation’s Hyogo Framework of Action, 2014-2015 and distinctive annotation-notes on the “UN MDGs and Post 2015 Extension- scenario”. In this connection, Dr. Narmeen’s services would also be endowed for the first UN-KAKHTAH Digital Repository in Pakistan.

Under the umbrella of SAARC-ASEAN Postdoc Academia and SAIRI Postdoc Multiversity for the United Nations SDGs’ Studies at NPA, Narmeen has been accepted as a postdoctoral assistant research moderator in ‘Embryonic Toxicology, Terato-kinetics, Sub-soil Hydro-toxicology, Toxic Out-breaks in Post-disastrous Situations, Magneto-hydrodynamics’ at the US-based National Postdoctoral Association (NPA). She would be a research moderator of SAARC region at NPA for 2016-17, under the mentorship of DESPO P.I. Prof. Aurangzeb Hafi.

The investigator and canvasser of equality-based ‘essential health care rights’ for the poor and neglected populaces, intends to widen the disciplinary spheres by incorporating ‘innovative strategies & new research horizons for her areas of interest in the United Nations SDGs Perspectives’ at NPA (US) under the UN-KAKHTAH DRR program.

She has an academic record of outstanding performance in pediatrics.  

The SAARC-ASEAN Postdoc Academia’s Chancellor Emeritus Justice (R) Dr. S. S. Paru L.L.D. wishes for her success in future to further the medical research goals in her country and abroad.

In capacity of a member of SAIRI Research Initiative, and in her future dispositions, Narmeen is determined with an objective-based intent to participate in national, regional as well as cross-regional expeditions concerning her areas of enquiry.

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