UPDATE: The New Jalisco Bar, the Independent Theater, and The Smell Receive Welcome Reprieve from the Wrecking Ball

L.A. City Councilmember Huizar to the Rescue

UPDATE: The New Jalisco Bar, the Independent Theater, and The Smell Receive Welcome Reprieve from the Wrecking Ball

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – 7/1/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — The demolition clock is on hold. The Iconic New Jalisco Bar, the Independent Theater and The Smell have received a much needed reprieve from the Wrecking Ball.  The three entertainment venues were facing demolition.

Earlier this morning,6/27/16, Yosef Azri’el, Pro Bono Business Consultant received encouraging news from CD 14 Field Deputy,  Anika  Ostin, announcing, Our office understands that this [referencing the Smell and the New Jalisco Bar] building has been historically significant to the Downtown Community and we have no intention in supporting the demolition of it.  Although Building & Safety issued the demolition notice there are no plans for it to be demolished anytime soon. [Copy available upon request]

The privatist, L&R Group of Companies,   may not be too pleased to hear the news, says Yosef Azri’el.

It is all part of the revitalization process, the good, the bad, and the ugly. The good-ongoing business growth and prosperity without collateral damage; the bad– the precariat are pushed out of DTLA; the ugly—the debusinessization of  small business entities. This is a good day for the small business owners. The three entertainment venues dodge the wrecking ball for now

This is astonishing. Intellectualizing  what just occurred and the enormity of having an influential elected official, Councilmember Huizar,  object to the demolition of the three venues sends a loud and  clear message.  Historically significant structures in the City of Los Angeles are vital elements of Los Angeles rich past and every effort must be made to preserve the city’s history. The prevailing hegemonic cultural of undiminished development is on hold,  says Yosef Azri’el.

In the quest to revitalize Downtown L.A. and meet the growing demand for urban dwelling, developers sometimes become myopic  and forget the collateral damage their  development projects create, says Yosef Azri’el.   More often than not,  the development process disproportionally falls on the backs of the poor and small businesses.

The Smell and The New Jalisco Bar were once the home of the historic Crystal Theater, circa early 1900s, and in 1892, the property was the Seedsman seed store, owned by James H. Denham, specializing in agricultural farm products (Library of Congress)Historic picture depicting the Crystal Theater marquee promoting Charlie Chaplin movie, 1915, is available upon request.

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