New VIP Customer Program To Mark 1st Anniversary of Rig Ninja Guitar Cables

JILLIBY, NSW, AUSTRALIA – 7/2/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — To mark the first anniversary of the Rig Ninja brand, the guitar cable company will launch a new VIP Customer membership program. Customers with membership to the program will receive notification of new product launches which will include free and heavily discounted products.

When launching a new product to market, part of Rig Ninja’s strategy is to give away and heavily discount new products to get product feedback and boost initial sales. Product feedback is important for the company to see if further improvements can be made based on real users comments and opinions. If a customer makes a suggestion that can improve the product with a small tweak then Rig Ninja and all of their customers will benefit. Moving higher volumes in the initial launch period can help give the product a kick-start and lifts its search rankings which will then improve exposure and organic sales volumes.

The Sales Manager from Rig Ninja said it was easy to get onto the Rig Ninja VIP Customer Program list. He further said that “there are two ways to get your name on the list. You can make a purchase from Rig Ninja on and get an email offer from us to join the program or just email us at and ask to be added to the list”.

Rig Ninja currently sells only on and their guitar cable product has been refined and improved with feedback from Amazon customers. The Guitar Cable that is currently sold comes in lengths of 10ft and 20ft with a straight connector at each end. A new manufacturer was commissioned with providing new stock from February this year and the result is an exceptional quality product based on reviews from customers who have purchased it.

In his Amazon product review on May 21 this year, Citizen Pro Rata wrote, “Even out of the box, the cable felt solid and heavy, which was a good sign. Now that I’ve plugged it in and played about an album’s worth of songs, I can only say ‘what a difference it makes!’ I didn’t know how much sound quality I was losing with the old, cheaper, thinner cable. HUGE difference. I can hear everything now. I won’t claim to know the ins and outs of every cable out there, but I am completely satisfied with the quality, construction, sound, and price of this cable.”

Based on more customer feedback, Rig Ninja will soon release a new variation of the guitar cable by making it available with a right-angled connector at one end and a straight connector at the other end. This is ideal for guitars and basses with jack positioning that would cause a straight connector cable to protrude at the front of the guitar and be prone to damage. When this new variation is launched, it will be the first product that Rig Ninja VIP Customers could receive for free or heavily discounted.

Rig Ninja products are available for sale on

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