Revolutionary LEGO-like building technology Assures Greener Homes with 86% more energy efficiency

Leading high-tech green construction company Unit Solutions has come up with revolutionary building technology SYSTEM 4 that promises greener homes with 86% more energy efficiency, built on pre-frabricated plug in easy LEGO-like construction principle.

Las Vegas – July 4, 2016 – With higher carbon emissions abeting global warming  issues at large, the entire ecosystem is at stake today. But there seems to be a good news – Leading high-tech revolutionary green construction company Unit Solutions has come up with breakthrough System 4 building technology that assures a quick and sustaiable way of construction with 86% more energy efficiency. Featuring the ease of LEGO-like construction, the futuristic system speaks of eco-friendly houses to be built on pre-frabricated plug in principle.

Unit Solutions is the first ever construction company which extends a never-seen-before fun to build a home which combines the 3 desired construction elements today – prefab, luxury & energy efficiency.

“The  best way to build should be focused on saving worldwide resources, with an eye to protect the mankind and environment. Unit Solutions specializes in sustainable building technology and it shows a new alternative process on leading a greener future worthy of living. We have completely replaced the traditional outdated building methods with our innovative, energy-efficient and ingenious construction solutions,” stated John Haritos, a seasoned engineer, visionary entrepreneur and the man behind Unit Solutions.

At the core of System 4, lies the patented Master Unit which sports an eco-friendly pre-fabricated plug-in principle that makes building homes as easy as assembling the LEGO blocks – even for the DIY community. It’s lightweight, temperature neutral, highly resistant, waterproof, sound absorbing and non-toxic.

“The state of the art modular plug-in principle that constitutes the Master Unit leads the way to next-gen environment friendly buildings. To make building structures fun, environment-friendly and more effective, we have incorporated pre-fabricated units in System 4 that also allow easy construction changes or customizations. During construction, the location of electric or water outlets could be moved to various locations. Most importantly, our revolutionary system can accommodate any sort of foundation. You will benefit from reduced building time & associated costs.”

The Master Unit comes with great temperature span & stability which allows tremendous energy savings for the homeowners. Also known as the Building Hero of System 4, it assures cool air inside in summer & warm air in colder months, thereby leading to 86% reduction in energy consumption – compared to traditional building materials and construction methods.

“Our System 4 is all about sustainability which is much needed to save the planet from the ongoing menace of global warming. Our revolutionary technology promises a number of environmental benefits like reduced waste during construction, conservation of natural resources, reduced carbon footprint as well as protection of ecosystem & biodiversity. Moreover System 4’s greener outlook will mean improved health and comfort for the home occupants, improved productivity, qualification for various tax rebates and enhanced selling price in case the homeowner plans to sell the home in future,” added in a leading spokesperson from John’s team.

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