Online Company Announces MRE Meals For Civilians

Aventura, FL – Most often seen in the packs of active troops, MREs-Meals Ready to Eat-are self contained, individual field rations in lightweight packaging, which are given to service members in the field and in areas where no organized food facilities can be found. While these prepackaged meals are used mostly by service members, there are those active outdoor enthusiasts, city storm shelters, and other fields where MREs can come in handy. MRE Giant, an online company based in Florida, has recently introduced a way for average people to purchase MRE meals for their various needs.

Founded by a group of entrepreneurs with years of experience in the industry of shelf stable food, MRE Giant is passionate about that industry, and bringing it to new audiences. The company provides MRE meals to a variety of people throughout the world, and for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s preparing for a potential emergency, packing for a lengthy outdoor adventure, or bringing food to those who are in dire need of it, MRE Giant is passionate about the work that they do, and the products that they provide. The company is even able to airdrop meals to any region of the world in a short period of time, helping those on the ground to deal with the challenges of an emergency situation that much faster.

MRE Giant can fill specific needs for bulk and wholesale orders, as well as general orders, through their website. The company can ship amounts ranging from pallets to truckloads and beyond, to any destination worldwide. And as demands grow larger, MRE Giant provides strategic planning and logistics every step of the way. MRE Giant is the place to find MREs for sale from leading companies. This includes XMRE and Eversafe MREs. XMRE meals are military grade meals, whereas Eversafe meals are a more civilian staple. And in addition to MRE Giant’s extensive range of shelf stable food, the company also offers an excellent line of homestyle Omeals for outdoor adventures, which are created by outdoor lovers and entrepreneurs with leading knowledge and experience in the industry.

“As an avid camper, I believe that there’s a lot of great uses for MRE meals, besides from a military standing,” explains John Berks, camper and MRE Giant frequenter. “During hunting season, I like to spend as much time out in the woods as possible, but it can be difficult to pack food and accommodate for waste on long trips. The MREs and Omeals that I get from MRE Giant are a great supplement to all the trail mix and dried fruit I normally take, and the lightweight packages are easy to transport both before and after use.”

MREs are food packages that are designed to last for years, even under strenuous conditions like those found on battlefields, in extreme sports, and in man or nature made disaster situations. MRE Giant offers quality shelf stable meals from some of the country’s leading MRE suppliers, like XMRE and Eversafe, and Omeals which are created by and geared towards outdoorsmen. MRE Giant takes pride in their ability to provide shelf stable food for outdoor adventures, storm shelters and other such places preparing for emergency situations, and even those currently in emergency situations.

To view videos on MRE products, and demos of how they work, those interested can view the company YouTube channel.

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